How To Improve Instagram Post Engagement: 4 Pro Tips

If you want to increase the engagements on your Instagram posts, then you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ll be discussing 4 pro tips using which you’ll be able to reach whole new heights on Instagram in no time. Without any further ado, let’s start!

Instagram Feed Post Necessities

Let’s start with some tips that anyone looking to improve engagements on Instagram posts must know.

Firstly, no matter how much your Instagram posts are clever, funny, or artistic, you won’t gain engagement if it’s not authentic. Be it photos, captions, videos, or stories, you should ensure that you’re not copying someone else’s hard work or idea. You should always opt for unique and authentic content.

Secondly, you should be using 2–3 similar filters in all of your Instagram posts. It’s one of the most effective branding tips to go for. We would suggest you apply filters that are similar and consistent across the color spectrum. Being strategic with colors will make your Instagram page look very professional, attract more audience, and improve post engagements.

Thirdly, always avoid using any kind of watermarks or logos in your posts. We say so because most people don’t feel like engaging in posts having watermarks or logos splashed all across. Instead, you should find other ways of adding credits to your posts.

Last but not least, make sure that all your posts are of high quality. Without high-quality images or videos, you won’t get anywhere on Instagram. We would suggest you use professional cameras or smartphones having top-notch cameras.  Also, you can try using unique camera angles for your posts.

As a bonus tip, if you are still struggling initially, you can take the assistance of the best sites to gain Instagram followers.

Instagram Post Format Hacks

Instagram post formats play a crucial role when it comes to improving engagements. There are several feed post formats on Instagram such as photos, carousels, reels, IGTV, etc. Changing post formats may automatically improve your engagements. You need to experiment with different formats, analyze post metrics, and finally stick with the format that works best for you.

One of the most engaged Instagram post formats is carousels. In a carousel format, you can share 2–10 photos or videos in one post. Users can swipe through to see more content. It may happen that someone sees the first image of your carousel post and doesn’t react to it. The algorithm will show them your post again, most likely the second content or the one with more engagement probability. Hence, carousels give you double chance for exposure.

Despite so many advantages, we would suggest you not use the carousels all the time. We say so because they can be sometimes overwhelming for your audience and may give you opposite results.

Next, comes Instagram’s video post formats. No one can deny that online video content is the future of social media. The Instagram algorithm knows this very well and hence, offers users to create videos of various video lengths and formats. Simply, video posts make the audience stay on your profile for longer, which automatically results in higher engagements.

Instagram Post Caption Hacks

The next component that comes into play in improving your Instagram post engagements is post captions. Captions are super crucial when it comes to driving engagements to your posts. So, make sure that you put some thought into them and nail them.

Firstly, make sure that the first sentence of your captions is super catchy and engaging. Your captions should always be relevant to your post and target audience. If your post captions are not up to the mark, it might happen that users simply scroll past your post.

Secondly, do not forget to use hashtags in your caption. There’s hardly anything as powerful as hashtags when it’s about getting more exposure and engagements to your posts. Hashtags are important as they enhance the SEO of your posts and make them more discoverable to the users.

Thirdly, try mentioning other individuals or brands in your post. This will not only boost your engagement but will also expand the reach of your posts.

Post At Right Times And Be Consistent

Finally, we come to the tip without which all the aforementioned ones won’t be of much use. It is uploading your posts at the right times when your audience is most active and engaging. There are many guides and tools out there on the web from which you can take help to know about these best times to post.

Also, always remember that it takes time to get desired results on the platform. Hence, you should never lose hope and always remain consistent with your efforts. Being consistent with your posts gives your audience opportunities to engage with them. Keep posting for long period may sometimes be tiring and hence, you can sometimes purchase Instagram followers to get going.


So, these were our 4 pro tips to improve Instagram post engagements. As you now know all the tips and secrets, it’s time to implement them. We’re positive that with these tips you’ll be reaching new heights of success on Instagram in no time. All The Best!

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