How To Incorporate Texting Into Your Business Strategy

Many consumers feel good to be kept in the loop and this is where texting may come in handy. If you want to keep your customers engaged with your business, you can use the power of texting for your business.

By incorporating texting your business strategy, you can give your customers a sense of reassurance, enabling them to know what to expect, make them feel confident that everything is handled, and keeping them updated with your promotions and new offerings.

If you haven’t used texting before, it’s time to make the most out of it and choose the right texting platform like Mass Text App to get started. There are several ways on how to incorporate it in your marketing strategies and these include the following:

  • Use Texting To Follow Up eCommerce Sales

Building customer relationships isn’t only about what goes on before the sale. As a matter of fact, more of it should go on after the sale if you like to gain loyal customers and generate new revenues and repeat sales from referrals. This can be achieved by using texting for sending follow up eCommerce sales.

There are some ways you can use texting for follow-up sales. A good strategy is to alert your customers about the tracking number and when shipping out orders. To do this, you can add an SMS opt-in in your shopping cart to tell your customers that you’ll send them alerts when you deliver or ship out their package.

  • Use Texting For Customer Service

Offering customer service via texting as a form of communication aside from phone calls and email is a smart move.

Not everyone checks their emails and some don’t like to make phone calls for customer service. By using texting for your customer service combined with your dedicated predictive dialer from providers like Call Cowboy, it’ll be more convenient for your customers to reach you whenever they have concerns or queries.

Using texting for customer service can also help you save more money, which can boost your profits. When compared to email and voice, the costs of using SMS is low. Moreover, your employees will spend less time on the phone with customers by communicating through text. Both you and your customers will enjoy convenience at the same time.

There are some ways you can use texting to maintain good customer service and these include:

  • Texting is good for polling. It reaches your customers right away and is known for its high response rates, which means you’re more likely to get responses from your customers if you send them a survey. Such surveys for customer service are essential to get feedback from your customers and to know customer dissatisfactions so you can address the weaknesses or failures of your business that affect the customer experience of your clients.
  • Texting can be helpful for cancellations or delays. For instance, if you run a travel agency, it can benefit from texting. Sending text messages to advise your customers of cancellations or delays can spare them from hassle and inconvenience.
  • Texting is good for solving problems. Since texting is fast, it allows you to resolve customer service problems quicker than emails or Contact Us forms.
  • Texting is useful when giving advice and tips. Sending out advice or tips to your customers can improve your client’s customer experience and add value to your overall customer service.

If you’re a small business owner that offers various services, texting can help lessen the number of missed appointments. Using texting as part of your customer service can be helpful when reminding your customers about their upcoming clients through SMS.

  • Use Texting To Announce Upcoming Sales

You can use texting as part of your digital marketing strategy for your upcoming sales. Sending text messages to your customers can be a good way to notify them about your upcoming sales or current sales, which promotes a sense of urgency. For example, if you’re planning a weekend holiday sale or a flash sale, you can tell your customers immediately via texting them.

Texting is a direct and great way to notify your customers about your sales and direct them to your website from their mobile devices with a link to start shopping. Since SMS have high open rates, you’ll easily get the attention of your customers and turn them into a sale.

For you to get the best results when using texting to announce your upcoming sales, make sure that your text is direct. For instance, you can highlight the word “today” or “tomorrow” if you don’t want your customers to miss out on your flash sale.

  • Use Texting For Exclusive Offers

Using texting can help increase or create customer engagement. For example, you can reward your customers for being part of your SMS campaigns. Sending them exclusive offers via texting is a good way to nurture the relationship. A perfect example is to send your customers $20 off for their next purchase if they complete the survey you sent via SMS.

By offering such exclusive discounts to your customers, it increases loyalty and creates a bond. It also makes them feel special that they got discounts that are exclusive to them and not to all customers. In addition, once you offer exclusivity, you can improve your sales by texting because it brings in customers to spend at your establishment. Since you enticed them with discounts, they’ll be more likely to transact with you and make more purchases.

  • Use Texting To Provide Expert Escalation And Tech Support

If your service or product happens to require a particular degree of tech support, it can be handled exclusively via texting, making it more convenient and much faster for your customers. It’s also more cost-effective for your business. Moreover, with the best SMS platform, expert assistance and escalation can be seamlessly and easily delivered.

  • Use Texting To Promote New Line Of Services Or Products

If you regularly update your line of products or services every year, it’s crucial to promote them effectively. One of the ways to promote your latest addition to your services and products is through texting.

Many people these days have smartphones and if you won’t use SMS for promotions, you could be missing out on a good marketing opportunity. So, take advantage of texting and get your customers to subscribe to your SMS to promote your new items better.

Once you get SMS subscribers, you can encourage them to share your new offerings on social media. Just show your users why your new products are beneficial by including a link to a blog that complements your text message.

With these interactions, you can add more engagement, sales, and traffic once you launch another product in the future. The key is to use SMS to show consumers why they should not miss your new offerings and see how they can benefit you.

  • Use Texting For Personalization

Many business owners and marketers use personalization on their website and in their emails. Reaching out to customers with specific interests on your website is a good way to increase engagement and conversions. For context, personalization can increase your sales.

Using texting for adding personalization to your campaigns is a wise decision, especially for business owners who want to build a reliable connection with their audience.

For example, imagine if somebody sent you a text message several times a week, but never relevant to your life, interests, or career. You’d probably block the number, right? So, if you won’t consider personalization, your customers will most likely opt-out of your future messages. Keep in mind that your customers want to see things that are interesting to them and flooding them with irrelevant text messages will just make them annoyed.

The best way to avoid this problem is to let your users choose the text messages they get. You can make it so your customers can choose whether they like to get updates, news, or promotions and pick what topics they want to see from your messages.

For instance, if you’re running a pet store and your target customers are cat owners, it would be best to send them offers or messages that are all related to cats. You don’t want to send them messages about dogs when they only care about their cats. So, make sure to use texting right for personalization to get more sales, engagement, and traffic.

  • Use Texting To Gather Feedback

Getting feedback from your customers may come in handy to build a stronger business strategy. Fortunately, it can be done easily using texting.

With texting, you can ask your targeted audience questions about how satisfied or dissatisfied they are with your customer service. Finding out what your customers like or dislike about your business can help you improve your services in the long run, which can be beneficial for your business growth. Besides, you can’t resolve any issues without getting proper feedback from your customers.

By gathering feedback through texting, you’ll also know the specific things that you should change or improve, so your customers will be more satisfied with your business. For instance, if your customers find it hard to navigate your website, you’ll know which site elements should be enhanced to provide them a better user experience.

  • Use Texting To Send Reminders

You can use SMS to remind your customers about the events run by your business. Therefore, if you’re hosting a webinar every week, you may send out text messages an hour before it starts. This will help remind your customers about an upcoming event and would give them time to watch your webinar once it started.

You may also use texting for sending reminders about events that take place on your social media accounts. For example, if you’re planning to offer giveaways, you can send a message to remind your customers to enter before the giveaway ends may help you get more interactions and responses on your preferred platform.

Remember that some of your customers have busy lives and small reminders through texting can keep them interested in your business.

  • Use Texting For Referral Promotions

Most businesses depend on word-of-mouth to get exposure from the public. However, you won’t get results if you’ll just sit back there and hope it happens. As a business owner, you should be proactive by asking your customers to refer them to anyone they knew and texting can be a natural way to ask for referrals.

You can use texting for creating your referral campaigns and promotions coupled with rewards or discounts to drive an increase in your sales. You can do this by creating a message about referring your business to others to get special discounts and rewards.

  • Use Texting For Contests

If you’re a creative business owner, conducting contests is something you shouldn’t miss to do to achieve increased customer loyalty. You can use texting to let your customers participate by sending the keyword to enter the contest. Then, depending on your mechanics for the contest, you can pick out the lucky winner by using the phone number that your customers used for joining. However, before you implement a contest, consult your legal counsel first to ensure compliance with local and state laws.

  • Use Texting To Send Greetings To Your Customers

Anniversary and birthday greetings are a good way to establish brand affinity for your business. Usually, your contacts are in a good mood on such occasions, so tap into that and spread the cheer. A bonus is that your text message won’t be lost in the list of birthday messages on social media. If you don’t know how to send greetings to your customers, you can search online for ideas.

A lot of businesses also send customer anniversary thanks messages to show how they appreciate their customers and remind them of how long they’ve been providing for customer’s needs. By integrating texting in your system, you can automate anniversary and birthday greetings to be sent at the right date and time.


With the high open rates and fast delivery of text messages, you can guarantee that texting can be of great help in reaching your customers quickly and can be a valuable marketing tool. Just make sure to use texting properly in your marketing strategies and you’ll see better results in the long run.

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