How to Integrate a Low Code Development Platform in Your Business

How to Integrate a Low Code Development Platform in Your Business

It must feel great to have the capacity to develop solutions that meet the needs of your business. Low code comes in handy to most businesses, especially now that most IT departments are tasked to the breaking point due to the ongoing pandemic.

What is low code development?

Low code development is a visual approach to software development. It avails room to abstract and automates each step of the application’s lifecycle to streamline and deliver various solutions.

Low code platforms are more inclined to letting users create applications through interfaces, configuration, and wizards. It is slightly different from the traditional programming languages.

Low code development platforms also allow non-users to use prebuilt templates, point and click wizards and point and click designers to create mobile-enabled applications and business processes.

Why should you consider a low code development platform for your business?

Mobile applications take months and lots of money to exist.  Business conditions are dynamic.  This makes it hard to rely on applications.

You could have the time and the money and still miss out on the ongoing business condition because new ways to survive in the business world emerge on a daily basis.

It helps you to streamline the development process so that IT has an easy time creating applications faster. This benefits your IT team as it saves them time and energy. Also, it makes it easy to spread created applications to more users.

Ways to secure a low code development platform for your business

A Low code development platform helps you make the right decision for your business. As such, you need to be vigilant in securing one. Here is how.

Identify the problems you want it to solve

It helps to approach this with clarity. Before settling for a low code development platform for your business, you need to clarify what you want it to do for you.

When deciding on the most appropriate platform, you should consider the role a low code platform will play in your architecture. After identifying such a role, it will help to rationalize the tools that are in use currently.

After much consideration, you will be better positioned to know if you require the low code platform to solve a specific problem or have it for broad applications within your organization. It is advisable to avoid a solution that is limited to particular scenarios.

A low code development platform that tackles all areas of your organization proves to be more efficient.

Identify the ideal people to use the platform

Low code platforms make app development easier by minimizing hand-coding and setting up a built environment. This reduces the need for personnel.

However, it does not mean that anyone is fit for the job.  An ideal developer needs to possess skills like being keen to detail and, even better, have exemplary project management skills.

Getting a conversant user with reporting software is prudent as they have a high likelihood of success with a low code development platform.


It is vital to involve your IT team. Leaving them out might pose a challenge when integrating the IT systems with the created apps.

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