How to Look Cool on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle

If you are riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle you already look cool. A Harley Davidson motorcycle is the ultimate cool bike. There are a few accessories of Harley bike that you can add to up the amount of “cool” you exude while you ride.

The Right Jacket

You want to own a leather jacket. You might be thinking that while riding in the summer heat the last thing you want to wear is a leather jacket. You should wear a jacket because the properly insulated jacket blocks the heat from the sun so the effects of the sun do not penetrate your skin.

Helmets are cool

Too many people think motorcycle riders who are ‘cool” do not wear helmets. This is not true. Being safe while you ride is cool, and today the motorcycle helmets are designed to look awesome and provide protection. A properly decorated helmet can add to your cool factor.

Riding Stance

Your riding stance is determined by how you are sitting on the bike while you are riding. The wrong riding stance can make you unsafe and uncomfortable. The right stance can make you look like an effortless rider.

  • Sit completely upright while leaning forward slightly and bending your knees slightly. You will use your core muscles to support your back and body in this position. Relax and do not hold your muscles in a tense position.
  • Many people stretch out more when they are cruising. To obtain this position you need to have your knees positioned at a 130 degree angle from your upright body, and keep your hips at a 90 degree angle. Your arms and legs will be slightly bent, and it will appear as if you are just relaxed and totally confident in your bike.
  • When you are riding fast or in completion you want to lean forward about 25 degrees so you appear to be hugging your bike. Your knees will be bent at a 90 degree angle while you position your feet as far back as you can. Your hips will be resting at a 75 degree angle in the saddle. You will have good control and you will look like you know what you are doing on the bike.


Sunglasses and protective eyewear can add something to your appearance. The glasses and protective eyewear can also protect your eyes from strain, ultra-violet rays from the sun, and possible contamination from road debris. They also keep your eyes from drying out.


There are a lot of cool facemask designs available. The facemask protects you from breathing in road debris, dust, and harmful vapors. These shields are especially useful on long journeys that can be dusty. They allow you to breathe easier and look cool at the same time.

Final Thought

You will always look cooler riding your Harley Davidson if the bike is clean and shiny. If the bike is dirty and needs a washing then it loses some of its appeal.

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