How to Manage Increasing Population and Economical issues?


Every country has to balance and manage certain things. The governing party of the country must be coping up to maintain stability of economy, increasing ratio of population, and many other concerns. The economical issues are vital to be resolved as soon as possible because in later stages, with increase in population, it only gets worse. In case the government fails to decide what the suitable solution for their issues, the public of that country is ruined. They are in the hands of wrong parliamentarians.

The resources have to be sufficient for the population of the country, if it doesn’t happen, the country face difficulties and remain underdeveloped. Moreover corruption adds fuel to this fire. It munches the economy like termites. The politicians are the ones who can control it or the bureaucrats who hold certain positions in the government offices but, unfortunately, all of them are part of this game.

Problems Of OverPopulation

Among the many problems some of them are:

  1. Increased demand of the resources
  2. Needs of the basic necessities like water, food, homes
  3. Economy downfall
  4. Lack of awareness
  5. Lack of jobs
  6. Health issues
  7. Increased poverty
  8. Women is illiterate


Some major solutions are:

  1. Promote family planning:

When the families are illiterate they do not take it into their concern. Awareness teams should spread the knowledge.

  1. Government initiatives:

All that happens in the country has some relation with government; therefore we cannot ignore the efforts of government in this regard. They have to initiate accommodating people and making efforts to vanish poverty.

  1. Empowering women:

The societies where women have her rights can control things like over populations. She is also the one who suffers in this scenario personally.

 Spread and enhance education sector:

Privately or publicly, education has to be improved and provided to all. It is like a basic need of the hour. Poverty has increased it, as the poor are mostly illiterate.

Economical Issues

 Inflation on top

  • Low per capita income
  • Less exports
  • High imports
  • Least allocation of budget on education sector
  • Recessions
  • Balance of payment
  • Corruption
  • Emerging markets
  • Energy
  • Lack of resources to export
  • Lack of technology
  • Monopoly


  • Industrialization

More and more businesses can provide jobs to increase per capita income while profiting the country in a broader aspect.

  • Bringing FDI

Attract Foreign direct investment so that a country can earn and its businesses too.

  • Promoting private initiatives

If privately people are starting businesses on a larger-scale, promote it. Rather government should support and appreciate them.

  • Decreasing imports

It would be amazingly helpful for any country to reduce it imports and fulfill the needs within the country’s resources.

  • Curbing on corruption

Corruption should be vanished from all the countries. But even the world superpowers cannot get rid of it so the underdeveloped countries should at least try to minimize it.

  • Updated Technology

Purchasing the technology enhances many sectors like agriculture, telecommunications etc.

  • Enhance infrastructure to attract foreign investors

A developed infrastructure accommodates a country with foreign investors from any part of the world. They need secure and new markets as they determine to enhance their business.

  • Reduced ratio of inflation

Inflation is a must. But how about reducing the ratio so that the economy can be maintained and people can save themselves from falling in the category of poor.


Lebanon’s population has been facing major economic issues because of the longstanding corruption in their country. Lebanese are currently protesting against their politicians and lawmakers to enter parliament.  They are not willing to get back because the corruption now needs to be  out rooted from the country to run a better economical state of the country.


Overpopulation and economical issues are parallel issues. None can end at any point or none of these meet at any point to end the matter either. Population restriction is hard and so is the enhancement of the economy.

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