How to Pack Your Tactical Backpack the Right Way

Two things determine the best way you will pack your tactical backpack: mission and comfort. It is essential to comfortably carry all important items, making it vital to commence with the necessary gear. What your task requires is the main factor that decides how you will pack. However, here are a couple of features that should be present in every standard tactical backpack:

  • Big main storage compartment
  • Outer pockets
  • Grab and go handles
  • Molle Webbing platform
  • Water-repellant coating
  • External compression straps
  • Internal hydration system

What to Include in your Tactical Backpack

Your mission is the overall determinant of the content of your tactical backpack. What you will need for each day will vary compared to what you will need in a week. However, some essentials should always be in your pack. Here are some of such essential items:

  • First aid kit
  • Water
  • Tool
  • Items for personal hygiene
  • Tacticl tomahawk
  • Food items

The following are also essential items for a survival backpack:

  • Clothing
  • Communication gear
  • Defense item
  • Shelter
  • Flashlights
  • Kits for fire

Packing a Tactical Backpack

The approach you should use to pack a tactical backpack is the pyramid’s principle. Bulky items should be at the bottom and light items on the top. This setup makes it easier to carry, with lesser impacts on your back. It is also recommended for people going on a trekking expenditure.

For items you will likely need often on your trip, use the MOLLE attachment system or attach it to the outside compartment like a tactical knife, flashlight, etc.

The Foundation: Packing the Base of your Bag

The base of your pack should only contain gears you will access when the day is over. Things like bedding, extra clothes, and other hygiene products should be there. You should also have your heaviest gears there.

The Gears in the Middle

Anything you will need to set up camp should be in the middle. Also, your water, food, and other items you will not need on the go can be here.

Items to pack at the top of Your Backpack

You should have change of socks, self-defense items, navigation gear on the top layer for easy access. Other small things like snacks and water purification tablets, etc., should be here.

Gears to Fix on Your Pack Outside

For tactical packs that are MOLLE compatible, you can make the most of it. You can attach ear protection, first aid gears, holsters, and other essentials.

Packing a Survival Backpack

Compared to an everyday backpack, a survival backpack will be of immense help when you are far in the woods. The bag should house enough gears to keep you for at least three days or longer if you are not on a short-term mission. All the primary gears recommended above are essential with food, safety, water, and defense gears.

In summary, make sure to put heavy items you use less frequently on the bottom and reduce the size as you go up. The idea is to have access to your gear easily when on the move.

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