How to Plan a Digital Marketing Strategy during COVID-19?

With every passing day, the Coronavirus pandemic is getting serious and annoying. With the shutdown of our planet since the start of 2020, things are not ready to settle in maximum countries. The worth of a digital marketing strategy is higher during this time of quarantine in many corners of the world.

Isolation and social distancing have already restricted more than imaginable everyday tasks for individuals. While businesses are closed and the eCommerce market is not operating in a proper manner, now is the right time to plan a smart digital marketing strategy than can be effective against COVID-19.

At one corner of Europe, people are using online discount codes for ordering safety supplies. Similar is the situation in other continents of the planet too. However, in this struggling time, emerging entrepreneurs are trying their level best to keep organizations afloat.

For this reason, you can find a lot of businesses in the eCommerce industry, switching to an online advertisement. Forbes explains why companies are turning to digital marketing to survive the outspread of Coronavirus pandemic.

The Right Digital Marketing Strategy during the Corona Crisis

While a lot of companies are facing a loss of millions of dollars due to cancelled and postponed events, one must take precautions. If you are a business owner, then these tips will help you plan a digital marketing strategy.

Marketers must take precautions and keep promoting the business in one way or the other. It is a hard time for many and smart strategies can help advertisers in sustaining the business.

Revise Your Marketing Campaigns

The initial step in planning a digital marketing strategy during the time of crisis is revising and rescheduling. Therefore, advertisers must do an audit of the business content that is scheduled as per your previous plan.

You will come across several points that must be held back while putting forward the necessary content. For example, it is better to stop any upcoming launches and events regarding your brand. Marketers must not worry about canceling any such happenings, but, it is better to postpone them until the pandemic crisis continue.

It is better to revise the campaign as per the current situations and set out a proposal that can involve medical emergencies.

Redefine Your Brand’s Goals

During this time, things are not settling in one way or the other. As a result, it is necessary to find out about your business goals once again. Make sure if your brand is capable of standing in the current pandemic situation. Reassure if it is a worth promotion during the quarantine.

If yes, then you must play a significant role and contribute in the eCommerce industry. Nonetheless, if the answer to your brand identity is negative, then, you must quickly switch your business from physical to virtual.

There is no planned and analyzed future post-COVID-19 for creating a digital marketing strategy. Hence, you must find out ways for managing your marketing budget and redistribute it. Jump to methods for promoting a brand online in a positive manner and staying active among the audience.

Become a Source of Assistance

Sympathy is an appreciable behavior in emergencies. During this pandemic crisis, you can be selfless and helpful for leaving a positive image in the minds of people. Rather than sticking to your brand promotion, take a step in helping your audience.

It is typical human behavior to find panicked customers around you. Therefore, contribute in spreading awareness regarding COVID-19. Adopt a helping tone and make the most of your brand’s values in terms of guidance.

Avoid being too standardized and prevent any robotic messages during corona crisis. Instead, be friendly and help your audience by communicating with them. Let your clients know you are available for them with your digital marketing strategy.

Find How You Can Be Helpful

According to the five principles of Google Marketing, advertisers must contribute and help at every opportunity. Business owners must remember that the basic purpose of brands is to provide value to all its consumers.

Share with your customers how you can help them during the lockdown situation. Let them know how your product is providing value in quarantine. Either communicate in the form of stories and attract people or discuss your business with the audience.

No matter if your brand does not manufacture anything of help during the corona crisis. If you assist individuals in fighting against COVID-19, you will play your role well. Share educational, inspirational, and stress relieving content on the web for a pleasing audience.

Switch to Paid Advertisement

As per the analysis of Neil Patel, paid ads are getting cheaper since the hit of corona wave. Nowadays, people are spending more time on the internet. Individuals are busy on social media channels and other entertainment networks like Netflix.

Therefore, more traffic and few advertisers have decreased the cost of paid advertisements. For those marketers who are not trying this feature in their digital marketing strategy, it is big time. Gather around paid ads and market your business without much effort.

There are plenty of benefits of paid ads nowadays because more audience is easy to target on the web. Get more traffic in the best possible way as it is essential to survive the pandemic situation.

Focus On Digital Marketing Trends

While differentiating previous pandemics and COVID-19, SocialMediaToday has shared a list of digital marketing trends to follow. These are mandatory to get a maximum response during the quarantine.

  • 93% of advertisers believe that interactive content is more engaging and attracts more buyers.
  • 70% of organizations will be applying emerging technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) by 2022.
  • The conversion rate for SEO crossed 14.6% whereas conversion by outbound methods only estimates 1.7%.
  • 36% of online shoppers are being attracted to the idea of shoppable posts; therefore, making the process of social commerce accessible.
  • The utilization of machine learning for bidding Google Ads operates as a game-changer during the current era.

Wrap Up

These are some of the best tips to plan an effective digital marketing strategy during the Coronavirus pandemic. You can make the most of these and promote your business in quarantine.

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