How to Recognize a Legit Online Casino

Legit Online Casino

With the introduction of the internet, online casinos have taken over the gambling industry and solidified themselves as the primary source of casino gaming. One of the advantages is the surplus of casino sites where players seek games of luck, but that advantage can also pose a problem for the players. With so many of them today, how can a player know what is a legit online casino site?

In today’s article, we aim to answer precisely that question. Let’s see how you can learn to recognize a reliable venue where you can enjoy games without worries about your safety.

Where to Begin

The first thing future players need to understand that quantity does not always mean quantity. Hence, the number of web-based operators which cater to customers online cannot guarantee quality for each of those operators.

Hence, players need to devise a methodology for personal reviewing and rating of casinos. To do that, one must understand all the components of digital casinos and how they work. This is especially important for novices, and those that have recently decided to step into the online casino arena.

In general, beginners should always start with the law. Online gambling laws are different in every country. Therefore, not all countries allow all forms of online gambling, and checking this first is paramount. This is important as through this, the players get the sense of the regulations that apply in their country of residence. They also get to see what their rights and obligations as online casino players are. So, if a casino tries to scam you in the future, you have a clear outline of what to expect and what to demand from a web-based operator.

It would also be useful to research regulatory bodies and guidelines for online casinos. With that, you will learn what the casino’s obligations towards its customers are and what kind of business serious operators conduct. And remember – legit online casino sites are required to comply with an extensive set of guidelines imposed by regulatory bodies. If they fail to do so, the regulators will either deny or revoke an existing working permit. And that is always a sign that the casino is not legit.

What to Look For

After you researched laws in your country and rules that online casino operators need to follow, it is time to dive deeper in the casino offer. By now, you are already familiar with the core responsibilities of the operator, and you should be able to predict whether it is performing them in the right manner.

To figure out If the online casino is legit, you should look for the following things:

  • Licence from a reputable regulator
  • Well-known casino software providers
  • Secure banking options for web-based and mobile gamers
  • Mobile-friendly sites and/or apps
  • Friendly and efficient Customer Support

We haven’t listed many elements, but the ones that we did include are crucial. There are several ways to inspect the legitimacy of an online casino – by doing it yourself or by turning to reliable sources of info.

If you choose to turn to someone else, make sure it is someone you trust. For example, affiliate casino directories such as are a great source of information about the best casinos on the Internet – you only need to visit them and find what you are looking for.

You can also visit the casino website and look around to see what is in store for potential customers. Right off the bat, the lobby and games inside could give you an indication of how dedicated the casino is to serve its customers. A solid lobby with hundreds of games is a good sign – but that won’t mean anything if there is no licence. Scroll down to the bottom of the home page to see if there is a licence from a reputable regulator.

Once you check the licence, visit the banking page and browse all payment options on offer. This, as well as a mobile-friendly site, is a clear indication of a legit online casino.

Crucial Differences Between Legit and Shady Online Casinos

You now know what to look for, and more importantly, where to look for legit online casinos. But what happens when you find two casinos and decide to compare them? How will you know which one is legit, and which one is merely trying to look that way?

Well, you will need to remember how offers at shady and legitimate casinos online differ.

So, remember, legit online casinos have a valid work permit(s) from respected gambling regulatory bodies. Major brands have more than one, depending on their target markets. For instance, the UKGC regulated the United Kingdom territory, but there is also the Malta Gaming Authority and Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is responsible for operators working in Canada. For shady casinos, best case scenario is that they have one from a regulator of dubious character. But in most cases, they have none.

Next, pay attention to the game developers in the lobby. If you cannot find more than three major software companies there, the chances are that the casino is not doing honest work. Top-rated casinos have dozens of companies on their list of content contributors. Some of the providers of legit online casino games are Evolution, NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n GO, and Betsoft.

A plethora of trusted payment methods is a sign of good business too. The same applies to Customer Support – if you can reach them and receive a timely response to your question, it’s good. If no, avoid that place.


A thin line separates legitimate casinos from bad ones. But it doesn’t take a pro to understand the line – you can do that with just your logic and a basic understanding of what to focus on. Our recommendation is to seek the help of affiliate websites, especially in the beginning, as they are more informed and know what exactly makes a legit online casino. If you want to do it on your own, that is good too – just keep the necessary components of legit casinos online in mind.

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