How to refinish the hardwood floor

Refinishing the wooden floors mechanically, that is, cleaning, polishing, sanding, and finally applying a coat of paint to restore its shine and beauty. Let’s see another way to restore old wooden floors. It’s the chemical form.

 In other words, it is using chemicals to restore your beautiful space. One of the advantages of chemical restoration is that little dust is produced when sanding, saving us time in the process. Chemical Refinishing or “chemical sanding” uses a liquid compound that is a mixture that removes the existing lacquer and creates a rough surface. This makes the perfect surface to which a new coat of paint will adhere correctly.

Restore hardwood floors

The first step when refinishing wooden floors 

is to remove all the objects in our room or place where we are going to work. Opening windows and vents is very important. Since the chemical that we are going to use can irritate the respiratory tract of our body. It also positively affects our eyes. Protection with a mask and/or goggles for eye protection is highly recommended for applying the chemical product. It is advisable to use protective gloves for the hands.

Apply the chemical either with spatulas, or we can use tow. Brushes can also be used for applying chemicals. Start from the farthest part of the room towards the front door. 

Use a putty knife to remove wear and chemical from the floor. Apply very soft sandpaper so that it is acceptable to the floor and the texture is not wrong, and remove the dust with a broom or vacuum cleaner.

Let your room or space air out overnight before applying the coat of varnish or paint.

Finally, always apply two coats of varnish or paint. With this, you get more protection, shine, and beauty from your floor. Once you have started painting your hardwood floor, you will need to finish the job in one go. You cannot paint one day and leave the rest for the next. So make sure you have all your supplies ready before you start the job. You can get the best refinishing floor service from 

 Something significant is that after painting, it is advisable to let the room rest for at least two days since the smell of the paintings is powerful and can cause irritation to our eyes or respiratory tract.

 Tips for recovering a wooden floor

There are several ways to recover damaged hardwood floors without the need for a professional. Depending on the type of finish, we will have to start a kind of restoration or another.

 How to refinish a wooden floor without waxing.  

This finish is less sensitive to stains than waxed wood. If you have this flooring and stains type, have occurred on your floor, clean the surface with a polyurethane finishing product or floor varnish.

  If your floor has suffered a burn, you can apply the same type of products that we have used for stains, although before applying these products, you will have to sand the burned surface with sandpaper. If, after completing this process, you do not notice an improvement, you may have to replace the damaged wood.

Refinishing a waxed wood floor.

 Sometimes we stain the floor when we eat and drink, and we do not realize it at that moment. If the stain mark has penetrated the wood, it should be rubbed with a damp cloth, dried with another cloth without damping, and finally wax the damaged surface.

For ink stains, sand the area with sandpaper, apply bleach and vinegar, and let it absorb for an hour. Then rinse the surface with a damp cloth and go over it dry with sandpaper. If you have a burn that is not too deep, rub with fine sandpaper dipped in wax. If, on the other hand, the burn is intense, scrape with a knife and then rub the area with the sandpaper and finally, wax the surface. For scratches and spots, it is best to apply wax with fine steel wool.

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