How to Save Your Phone from Getting Hacked?

So readers today we are going to talk about the best ways you can use to protect your device from getting hacked from hackers and your rivals who are in search of finding any dirt on you! After the launch of social media applications and smartphones, mobile hacking cases have been increased to  a significant number so we would like you to stop thinking about sbobet88 because it can also get your phone hacked! Please try to follow the instructions so that you can save your phone from being saved!

Refrain from Using Public Wi-Fi!

This is one of the biggest and most common mistakes that we make without knowing the complications and the effects of using it. In our opinion, finding a public Wi-Fi that is free to connect can be a great hit of the day and sometimes we also boast about in front of our friends but in our opinion, it is nothing to boast about rather you should be worried and ashamed about this.

The Wi-Fi, when connected to your phone, assigns an IP address to your device that can be accessed by many other people using that public Wi-Fi or even supplying it. You have no idea how public Wi-Fi can be dangerous for you guys. Almost 60% percent of the hacking businesses are done with the help of stealing your phone’s information through the IP address assigned to it by the public Wi-Fi facility.

So now we expect our readers to stop using public Wi-Fi, especially when you don’t need to!

Using VPN Services!

If you are using Wi-Fi or any other connection to run unsecured sites on your phone that there is always a high chance that your phone can be easily hacked and all of your information can easily be leaked through this channel. To save yourself from this problem because let us face it, there are a lot of sites that we use in our daily basis that are not secured. You can always protect your connection through a VPN.

There are many VPN applications that you can download from the Google play store in android or from the apple store of the IOS devices. You can easily download the apps for free and register with them using your Google account. The most famous VPN service provider is the hotspot shield and the VPN pro. Both of them are being used all around the world, and they have the highest number of ranking in all the applications!

Keep Your Bluetooth Off!

The last tip that we are going to give you today is to keep your phone’s Bluetooth off where you don’t need it to be used. We don’t really care whether our extra features are on or not, but it is highly suggested that you take care of this matter. Don’t use location or Bluetooth services, especially when you don’t need them and are not using the. These are the two tools that can help the hackers connect with your device!

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