Humans can handle any circumstances

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This amazing quality of man is that in the circumstances under which it remains, it gets accustomed. When I entered this deserted cottage of this uninhabited forest, then all the dry houses seemed to be deserted. When the deserted of the distance had come out, it was seen everywhere deserted; but now that the smallness of the difference is gradually becoming forgetful, surrounded by its own laughing eyes, then where is the tragedy? Now, who is afraid of darkness?

The dark days of the new moon, dark clouds, cold Crossing the air blanket and trying to penetrate inside. In a small cottage, the body lying on the mat of the leaf began to feel uncomfortable and relaxed. Sleep took place again today. The ideas flow again. A house full of amenities filled with colleagues, and the thick tentacles wrapped in the sheet wrapped with water, began to be comparatively compared to dripping foliage. Both of them were considered to be counted.
The body was experiencing discomfort. The mind also became a companion of that, why would that be happy in this discomfort? These two become one against the soul. The brain is a lawyer bought by them. It has made its business to support itself, in which it dislikes. The manner in which the King’s courtesan used to be wise in the art of talking and seeing the attitude of the king, it was also the brain that was pleased with the King to keep his happiness in his Yes. By looking at the interest of the mind, this idea leaves the flow. To present the purpose and proof for countless reasons in support, it is a hand sport. To blame the properties of the convenient house and the blame for this annoying secluded, he began to cut the ears of the barristers. His speech, as well as the wind, was running fast.

In that, pest, sitting in a small hole in the head started its melodious music song. One encouraged by encouraging one to listen to another, listening to another’s a voice, third, then fourth, sitting in his holes in the hut, how much zigzag singing together. He had heard many songs from the ignorance of his singing so many times. He was deemed crappy and stupid, but today there was no work for the mind. He carefully examined the ups and downs of this singing. He was tired of condemning the uninhabited. This playful monkey should be seen every new thing – new types of work. Songs of pests – The gathering of the assembly started taking the juice in the same.

Pests sang a big melodious song. His song was not in the language of man, but the feeling is the same as the human being thinks. He sang why do not we become infinite? Why not enjoy the limitlessness ?? The boundaries are bound, the element of liberation in the inherentness is full. Whose sense of pleasure is limited in the senses, whatever things and some persons believe in itself, whose selfishness is confined to a few wishes, the poor, the petty creature, the blessedness of the infinite joy-filled in the infinite world of this infinite divine How will you experience? Life is infinite; Infinite expansion of the soul is filled with joy; become immortal by experiencing it

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