Introducing Digital Video Surveillance In Small Business Is A Great Deal


At times before the accessibility of digital video surveillance could not reach every doorstep, it was not considered an asset for businesses. The reason was that less knew about the advantages of these machines and the introduction of analog technology was less concrete.

The majority of places that were keen to develop their security used the analog systems but digital video surveillance is now demolishing the gap of analog technology. Being digital is the new normal for small businesses and businesses around the world are acknowledging this. The small businesses have started to shift to digital surveillance as considering security and data protection in their workspaces. But before letting the world of surveillance be obliged to your business, try knowing the pros.

  • Enabled Remote Monitoring

Small firms are readily shifting their workforce into digitalization and video surveillance is one great advantage in the process. It is possible to think that what could video surveillance do for the firm? But looking ahead with great-integrated digital cameras, it is possible to monitor everything in the firm with just an internet connection. The employees can monitor the assignments assigned to other employees or have an overall inspection of office productivity.

Digital surveillance allows the users to monitor from remote places and at remote devices whether it is a mobile, tablet, desktop, or PC. It is easy to log into any of these security devices and stream the overall functionality or required footage. With a fine internet, digital surveillance is not a task that demands extreme efforts.

  • Grants Distributed Intelligence

The major reason why analog surveillance could not create a great impact on modern small business houses is that it granted distorted security and had voids in security coverage. Digital video surveillance with its distributed intelligence capacity fulfills this gap thereby increasing the chance of finer security and functionality.

With analog systems, people had to view every second of the video captured if they had to find anything, but is it worth spending hours for two-minute footage? Digital surveillance allows monitoring video feeds of activities, events, and movement patterns. With distributed intelligence, it is possible to extract the videos for a specific behavior or pattern. It is also possible to generate alerts and inform the security personnel with remote locations.

  •  Improved Accessibility And Easy Storage

The use of a digital surveillance system has increased the video accessibility, therefore, allowing access from remote locations.  Previously with analog systems, tape recorders and lesser capable storage devices were used which generally led to lesser storage and poor video quality. With digital video surveillance systems, it is now practicable to store videos in digital video recorders that have more storage capacity, the video quality is not hindered and provides significant security.

The most important advantage that digital video surveillance provides is a secure and remote login. The digital video surveillance systems allow the user to view multiple digital video footage and feeds without caring about the location. For example- If you have to watch the area of land before buying, you can use digital surveillance systems to have a look at the land even without visiting the location. You just need to have an internet connection, after that, you have to log in to your device, and it’s as easy to watch the land sitting on your sofa.

  • Protects Firm Privacy 

A digital video surveillance system is an excellent support to firms’ privacy and helps in preventing any kind of theft and threats inside the firm.  Since they provide excellent video quality and high definition videos and also guarantee a wide-angle view of the shots, the firms can locate them into their workspaces to know everything that’s happening around. For example- There is a thief inside the firm trying to steal some files and copies from the editorial desk. With this surveillance, it is easy to know how the thief looks, where he went, and what he carried with him. With high definition video and quality images, it is easy to catch the person harming or destroying your property.

  •  Keep Customer Records 

A majority of small firms use digital video surveillance to keep customer records in case there are chances of false buying and selling of products. They use cameras to monitor what the customers are buying, if they are paying the right amount or if the customer’s claim they bought a product without a receipt. A firm can always look into customer behavior and happenings around using digital surveillance systems. Taking another example- If one of the firm’s employees misbehaved with the customer or vice-versa, it can be clarified using the video surveillance camera placed in the firm, the camera is the evidence of the instance and defines if something was wrong instantly.

  • Covers Up False Legal Actions

There are incidents when little accidents in a firm lead to huge monetary losses and long-term legal actions. It is considered that accidents do happen but it is equally important to know the rightful cause of the accident. Sometimes an employee can solve his own matters with the boss claiming legal actions for an accident that was not even the boss’s fault or somebody authorized at a higher position might degrade the reputation of another person at the firm claiming false legal action. These are all part of the business and happen at times but digital surveillance helps to clarify the mistake and identify the truth of the happenings.

Using digital surveillance, the individual can have proof of the whole incident and can name the false claims protecting himself/herself from any legal action.

  • Affordable And Scalable 

The one thing that makes digital surveillance systems the working wonders for small firms is its affordability. The digital cameras are extremely affordable and require a much lesser physical infrastructure to be operated. A firm can use a few cameras to cover the whole environment and the cameras are smaller in size and easily adjustable. They don’t require wider spaces, can be stored in digital systems, and provide high-quality images and videos. Since they don’t demand much wide infrastructure, they could be set up with a lesser cost than the analog cameras. Another part that saves the cost is the requirement of limited running cables.

The digital surveillance systems are truly scalable as they can adjust to the needs of the firm. As the firm is expanded, digital cameras can be grown with more setups with integrated networking. Also, remote accessibility saves the cost of setting up a camera for every location you go and as they cover more spaces, a single camera if placed rightly can cover an entire room or hall.

Allow Digital Surveillance Into Your Workspace 

Digital cameras and surveillance systems are definitely a key to improve security in small firms and also to your workspaces. When you are already getting remote monitoring, improved accessibility, privacy, and scalability within less cost spent, why would you not give it a thought? There are lesser points to ponder the disadvantages of digital cameras into the offices as it takes care of the employees, covers larger spaces, and deploys every needful practice in the firms. It is definitely a good step to move ahead of analog systems and adopt digital systems.

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