IPRoyal Review: Why It’s One of the Best Proxy Providers

There are many proxy providers on the market today. With the glut of available options, it can be challenging to decide which one is best. While you could randomly select a proxy and hope for the best, it’s a risky gamble to trust your privacy to nothing but advertising slogans.

This article will explore one of the most trusted proxy providers of 2021, IPRoyal. Check out our detailed review below if you’re wondering whether a proxy is a good fit for you or if IPRoyal is worth the hype.

IPRoyal: the Provider You May Have Never Heard Of

Among the sea of various proxy suppliers, most remain in relative obscurity. Only the best proxies rise through the ranks with an excellent reputation and exceptional service.

As the number of providers continues to increase, finding the leading distributors can become more formidable. Even great proxies may be lost in the crowd. Is IpRoyal one of the best providers? Let’s find out!

The Importance of Private Proxies

Right from the outset, there are a few details about IPRoyal that stand out. To begin, the proxies that IPRoyal offers are genuinely private. Some proxy providers offer shared multi-user proxies that can potentially compromise your privacy and data. In a shared environment, several users connect to a single proxy server simultaneously. There are several side-effects and issues associated with multi-user setups.

For one, a shared proxy server will become exponentially slower as the number of concurrent users increases.

A more severe issue with shared servers is the potential for data compromises. Because multiple users are accessing the same proxy simultaneously, the likelihood of packet sniffing is higher.

Additionally, due to the number of users associated with a shared proxy’s IP address, your chance of being IP banned is significant.

IPRoyal’s proxies do not suffer any of these drawbacks. Upon ordering a residential proxy from their many locations, it is yours for the duration of your usage term. Having a dedicated proxy gives you an innate security and performance advantage over other providers.

  • Security: 5/5

Pay as You Go and Save Some Dough

Another substantial difference setting IPRoyal apart from the competition is their friendly pricing model. Some proxy providers make extravagant offers to lock you into a long-term contract. Providers make use of the long contracts to bleed their customers dry slowly, over a long period. The less scrupulous providers might make it very difficult or impossible to terminate the subscription, known as a subscription trap.

With IPRoyal, you don’t need to worry about lengthy contracts or complicated subscriptions— you pay and enjoy! The ease of getting started with IPRoyal is quite refreshing, and we wish others would follow their example. IPRoyal’s one plan, one price, no contract approach is a clear winner in this regard.

  • Value and Ease: 5/5

A Proxy for Any Purpose

As good as a proxy may be on the surface, the defining feature is its suitability for your needs. The usefulness of a proxy is where many providers ultimately stand or fall. IPRoyal considered this in advance and built an impressive pool of worldwide residential proxies.

Try as we might, we were hard-pressed to find any location where they didn’t have a proxy available for immediate use. And unlike other suppliers, IPRoyal doesn’t segregate proxies into various isolated classes but instead smartly allocates their pool as needed.

So, regardless of whether you are looking to stream a foreign TV series, hunt for the latest fashion, or conduct regional demographic research, you have IPRoyal’s entire resource infrastructure at your disposal whenever you need it. Their intuitive allocation model also makes their system resilient against outages since even if one proxy goes down, another can immediately take over without interruption.

  • Availability: 5/5

Final Analysis

If we had to take away points for any reason, it would be in the area of recognition. For all of IPRoyal’s strengths, their current weakness is in their brand awareness; people don’t know that IPRoyal exists, and so they find themselves obscured in the fog of the masses.

We’re confident that IPRoyal will overcome this weakness over time; if they continue providing exceptional service, word of mouth is bound to spread far and wide. It’s rare to find a company that cares about quality and service above profit these days, and if they continue, they have a bright future.

  • Brand: 4.7/5

Total: 9.6 / 10 

Great service, at an affordable price, deserving more recognition.”

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