Is ExpertOption a Legit Online Broker?


ExpertOption aims to provide consumers with complete transparency in digital trade. It provides an interactive trading platform paired with detailed educational materials to accomplish this objective.

To date, it has opened over 9 million accounts.​ Expert Option allows the customer to support its core interest and a priority for customer support. There are over 100 account executives who are focused on addressing customer requirements.

The business also strives to be trustworthy and quick to start trading for everyone. Finally, it intends to deliver emerging technologies for quick trading.

ExpertOption Opening Account

The minimum amount required to access an ExpertOption account varies according to the type of account you have selected but the absolute minimum is $50. ExpertOption has KYC protocols that are also in place to confirm your identity to deter fraud and money laundering.

ExpertOption usually asks new customers to request documents that check their identity and address.

The brokers don’t include the particular needs of such documentation on its website, but it is reasonable to assume that ExpertOption has the same requirements as other brokers.

The identification documentation will most certainly be issued by the government and should include a representation of your photo, name, and date of birth.

Proof of address would generally be an intelligence report or bill that indicates your name and address.

Minimum Deposits And Account Forms

Although many brokers sell only one or two customer accounts, ExpertOption has a special set of accounts.

Ironically, ExpertOption generates levels depending on the size of a transaction that can upgrade to a higher account level rather than the creation of account models based on verification, like many brokers do.

ExpertOption provides five types of accounts, as each benefit added, but the minimum purchase increased.

  • The Fundamental account requires a $50 deposit and can be upgraded to a higher level if you are prepared to do this.
  • The most reasonable starting point is silver accounts, which require a minimum deposit of $500.
  • Gold accounts start for $2,500, and $5,000 for platinum accounts.
  • Only by invitation are exclusive accounts.All the instructional materials are available in the basic accounts. You will open a limit of 10 deals for up to $25 at a time. Silver accounts contain a personal manager presentation.

Bonuses For Expert Choice

In a major new ExpertOption update, 100 percent of first depositors have recently started offers rewards. The implementation of a bonus system is mainly due to common consent, and the traders claim they need to improve their trade.

The 100% bonus is available from deposits starting at $30, with traders one hour to take advantage of after they have established their accounts.

Importantly, accepting incentives does not affect your ability to withdraw, and ExpertOption will still allow you to withdraw at any point if you want to choose to accept the bonus offered.

Existing traders still profit from the incentives, although the amount offered is different from those that first deposit.

Demo Account Of ExpertOption ExpertOption

provides a demo account for exploring the platform and exploring its capabilities before real money is invested. The demonstration account has a virtual money balancing act of 10,000. There is no need for registration.

You will receive a short video called “Trade How,” which will give you the reference to how to use the platform once you click on the link.

The Demo account is extremely beneficial because the price is the same as that shown on the live account, which gives you a precise idea about how your business style functions with ExpertOption.

Is ExpertOption Safe to Use?

ExpertOption is tested by MasterCard and Visa to protect client protection. This is achieved by checking Visa and SecureCode status with the Mastercard. Cert Trusted Safe and PCI DSS Concern icons are also available at ExpertOption.

It also encrypts all data with the most efficient encryption algorithms. The web is Wildcard SSL encrypted so that all data it contains is encrypted through AES 256. You can verify by displaying the lock icon through the browser URL and by using the https:/ address instead of Http:/ one. ExpertOption uses the https:/ address.

ExpertOption won the title of “Best Trading Platform.” Although the broker lists no further awards at an apparent place over its site, it also receives users and autonomous websites mostly with good reviews.


To those who want exposure to more than 100 digital options ExpertOption is the trading platform alternative. This is a perfect platform for people who would like to trade traditional crypto-monetary products but it is beneficial for those who would like to trade binary results at their expiry.

Ultimately, ExpertOption provides a website and platform that is easy to use as well as a lower minimum investment that allows a variety of traders to enjoy.

Those who are involved in digital options must at least consider using the demo account, especially if a social trading aspect is relevant.


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