Is Mint Mobile Really the Dollar Shave of The Wireless Club?

Mint Mobile is America’s leading carrier service that offers extraordinary data packages at extraordinary rates. Mint Mobile is America’s first carrier service that requires you to pay in advance instead of paying monthly. These advance payments have seemed to be more cost-saving compared to other carrier services that require monthly payments. Read this Mint Mobile review to know if Mint Mobile is really what it says that is the ‘’Dollar shave of the wireless club’’.

What Makes It The Dollar Shave Of The Wireless Club?

Reasonable Monthly Packages

One of the reasons for the high popularity of Mint Mobile services is its extraordinary monthly packages. These packages have worked wonders for many people who have been trying to save up and use the best carrier service. Packages go as cheap as $15 per month. Therefore, if you attain the three-month introductory plan, you will only have to pay an advance payment of $45, which is $15 per month. Other carrier services charge you often $45 per month or more hence how more low a price could a carrier service like Mint Mobile offer you.

Mint Mobile packages are available for periods of three, six, and twelve months. You can choose whatever monthly payment you want. However, the more months you purchase the more money you will be saving on.

Online Services

Mint Mobile is also of the only carrier service that operates online only. They do not as yet have any shops or stores from where you can purchase the SIMS. However, they do have an active help center. Mint fully operates online, so you can perform your purchases and queries online. This helps you to save time and money. It has made people’s life easier as you can connect to a carrier service by just sitting in one place without having to make an effort and go to a shop.

If you want a Mint Mobile, SIM all you have to do is order it online and you will get it in within a few days. You have to carry out the Mint Mobile activation process online on their website. You will have to follow a few simple steps and it will hardly take you about fewer than 10minnutes to activate your Mint Mobile SIM.


Mint Mobile puts in a lot of effort into their campaigns in order to connect with their customers the right way and attract them to choose the right carrier service. Mint Mobile is known for its metaphorical campaigns just like the ‘That’s not right’ campaign. This campaign captures the idea of not wanting to take a bath in a carpet-covered cubicle.

They used this campaign to highlight the issues about the wireless industry and what customers experience when they do not have a chance to test-run a service before they make the correct decision. The best thing about Mint Mobile is that they never stop improving and making unique marketing strategies to gain their customer’s attention. This showcases that they really care about their customers and how devoted they are towards the wireless industry.

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After reading this article, you never be wrong in saying that Mint Mobile is really the Dollar Shave of the wireless club. If you do not have your Mint Mobile SIM as yet, hurry and order it to enjoy this amazing carrier service that will make your life easier in many ways possible.

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