Is the Current Ether Price the Highest?

Price the Highest

The cryptocurrency market has become huge with time. The market has seen some very good times and the lowest point of its lifetime. Since the market has been introduced to public it has seen been volatile, it has never been static ever. Bitcoin and ethereum have always been on top of the list. Even though they have been on top of the list, they still have been very volatile. In 2017, Bitcoin saw its ultimate drop, and on the other hand, ethereum saw its ultimate high. The new investors have been entering the market. Many people foreign exchange investors have also started investing in crypto market.

If you check cryptocurrency charts on the internet, you will see that charts show variations that have occurred in hours. One hour, you can buy anything from a coin, and the next second you are broke. So trusting the cryptocurrency market fully for your finances is not the smartest thing to do.

Ether Price Prediction

Many sites give different views about currency. Some say that the currency will spike up in future, and some say that ether price will drop up to 50%.

The market has always been very volatile so you cannot say what will happen in the future. The maximum ethereum price got was 745 dollars in 2017, but after that, ethereum did not hit that.

Currently, ethereum price is floating in between $140- $180. The prices are changing intervals of few hours.

There are speculations that the ethereum price will hit up to $1477 which is literally the double of the highest of ethereum has ever hit. The currency also can do that so the investors can hope for the best.

Ether Price History

Ether is the second-largest cryptocurrency of the world since it has come into being. It has seen many changes in the past, the initial ether prices very low and nobody predicted that it would become so huge in only 4-5 years. However, in 2017 the prices hit so high that it came near market leader, Bitcoin.

In 42 days, the ether price has raised over $18 million. Bitcoin and ethereum have 25% of the market share in the cryptocurrency world. It is a very chunk of the market. According to ICO, ethereum raises $2 per ethereum, which is the largest change in the whole market ever recorded.

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The nature of the cryptocurrency is very volatile. The market changes within a matter of minutes. The prices fluctuate very often so it is very difficult to make any prediction. There are others like kucoin shares calculator. The prices might skyrocket or they might get in half. You cannot estimate that.

When you invest in the market, you need to keep an open mind and be ready for anything. The cryptocurrency market is initially for those who make extra bucks and can afford to lose a little money. It is pure investor market.

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