King vs Queen: What’s the difference?

King Size Mattress

If you spend any amount of time in your bedroom, you are bound to be confronted with the question of which king-size mattress to purchase? The market is filled with a wide variety of mattress sizes and designs, so how do you know which mattress is best for you? The first step in deciding is understanding the differences between King size and Standard size mattresses. The key difference is that King size mattresses are long, while the Standard size is generally considered to be the traditional size for beds. If you have a special sleep need, or simply want more space, it may make sense to opt for a King mattress rather than a Standard mattress.

What should you look for in a king-size mattress?

 The short answer is that it isn’t much you can do differently than a standard mattress. Two twin XL mattresses make up the perfect size of one King size bed. This is a very popular approach for matching sleeping partners who also have different firmness or feel preferences. Comfortable and supportive, a twin mattress provides a nice option for long-term sleep partners.

Comfortable and Supportive

 That’s not all that a queen-size mattress offers, however. While it is longer than a king-size mattress, it is still a nice choice for matching sleeping partners. It offers the same amount of depth and comfort. The queen mattress can easily be considered the “all-purpose” size of a bed. Comfortable, durable, and great sleeping space for all of your sleeping partners, it would be a shame not to invest in a queen size mattress, as it does provide everything your other choices do but provides a bit more.

Long Lasting & Durable

 King-size bed dimensions have a lot of extra length and width. For couples with a lot of energy and plenty of motion to spend, this could mean hours of good sleep and a wonderful night of tossing and turning. If you want to enjoy the comfort of a traditional mattress for a long time, a single active sleeper’s option may be best for you.

Single Sleeper Experience

 You get more out of your single sleepers experience. If you are one person who likes to feel the ground beneath your feet and feels comfortable immediately, the single active sleepers design might be a great choice for you. For others, they may like the idea of spending some time in the comfort of their king-size mattress, but they don’t want to deal with the discomfort of springing through the middle of the night because the box springs went kaput when they finally decided to take a break.

A mattress that is the right size for you may not be right for your sleeping needs, so keep these things in mind before making a purchase. There are many reasons why you might like a particular king-size mattress but remember that the purpose for buying one is to sleep comfortably and you don’t want to overpay just for looks. Be sure to try out both types of mattresses and see which one is the right one for you! Full or queen size bed dimensions will give you a good idea of what you’ll need.

Queen Size Mattress

 First of all, a queen size mattress is actually one size smaller than a full king. This size difference is significant when it comes to comfort and support. Both king-size mattresses and queen-size mattresses are made to accommodate different shaped people. While most people sleep on their back, some people have difficulty sleeping on their sides or with their stomachs touching the edge of the mattress. For these people, the queen size mattress provides more support.

Couple Friendly

Another common problem with full-sized beds and mattresses is that they can be very uncomfortable for couples. This may be due to a couple’s bodily differences or to the typical styles of bedroom furniture used in a typical home. Some people who have larger feet or hips or wider shoulders complain about being able to sleep comfortably in a full-sized bed that does not offer additional support for their particular body shape. For these people, purchasing a queen-sized mattress is an ideal way to remedy their discomfort.


In addition to providing extra support for those who have unusual shapes, a queen size mattress also provides more durability. This is one of the main differences when you are looking for king vs queen. This is especially important if a person plans to use the bed for extended periods of time. Many king-size mattresses are constructed from materials that are not as durable as some of the materials used to make traditional mattresses. Queen-size mattresses are generally constructed using more durable materials in order to provide a longer lifespan for the bed.


People believe that queen-size mattresses cost more than regular sizes, but this is not the case. Naturally, there are more discounts when buying a queen-size mattress. This is particularly true if the mattress is purchased at a major box store such as Sears or Target.

If a person is looking for a specific color of mattress for their bed, they should keep in mind the color of the sheets that will be used on the bed as well. Some people may like to match their bedding to their queen-size mattress. In addition, if the room is painted in a light shade, it may be beneficial to purchase a lighter colored sheet set. It is important to take these factors into consideration when shopping for queen-size mattresses.

As can be seen, there are many reasons why people may prefer to buy an Olympic queen-sized mattress. These reasons include the ability to get a better night’s sleep due to increased comfort and support, better back support, and the ability to avoid overheating due to having a larger bed. These larger sizes are available at many different stores, including conventional retail locations as well as online retailers. It is also possible to find discount prices if one shops around and does a bit of comparison shopping.

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