LED Bulbs at Home or How I Fell in Love with A Light Bulb

Led Bulbs

With so many options available online, you may feel confused or unsure about which option is best for your investment in LED bulbs. There are many options, such as lumens and wattage, beam angle, and color rendering. You may wonder why I can’t just choose my bulb based on the wattage (watts) and then do it. The EU has, in its wisdom, issued a directive (2009/125/EC) that requires all lighting labels to be written in lumens, starting in September 2010.

LED Technology

You might be wondering why they did this. In simple terms, Watt’s isn’t a GU10 base led bulbs for the brightness of an LED lamp concerning lumens. Therefore, you should always check the lumens output of any light that you are considering purchasing. A wax candle emits 13 lumens; a 60-watt LED lamp emits 720 lumens. The brighter the source of light, the more lumens it produces. Modern LED technology would produce 100 lumens for every Watt of electricity. For example, a 4.5W LED emits 450 lumens. This compares to halogen lamps, which can output approximately 12 lumens per Watt.

My Home Lamps with LED

Many LED bulbs can be easily replaced. First, find the suitable base, choose the required lumens, and the color temperature (e.g., warm White, pure White). Then, you can return your bulbs with new LEDs in a matter of minutes. It wasn’t easy, but it was possible. In addition, you can find popular LED websites with a lamp photo menu. This makes it easier for you to choose the correct fitting before you make your purchase.


LED lamps can be dimmed like old bulbs, but only if the manufacturer states so on their packaging. A dimmable LED bulb will cost you a little more because some extra components are required to do the job. A second important point is whether I will need a new or an existing dimmer switch. You won’t be able to tell if your current dimmer switch has been around for a while. It may not work with your new dimmable LED bulbs. To ensure long-term investment protection, you will need a trailing edge LED dimmer.

Nature of LED

While we’re on the topic of dimming, you might find that your existing transformer will not work with a 12-volt LED lamp. This is due to the sensitive nature of LED bulbs. You will need an LED driver/transformer to provide constant current (electrical term). It’s a wise decision to replace your transformers with a new type. You don’t need to buy a separate driver for each lamp if you have a higher wattage LED driver.

Cool Temperature

Warm White matches traditional Halogen bulbs/incandescent well. It produces a warmer yellow light at a color temperature of 3200K. Pure White has a white light that can be used in commercial settings or to create a modern look at 6500K.

You may see your Lepro LED and find a figure such as the one above. This is the color temperature output in Kelvins (K). A few websites will provide a chart showing the color temperature range of warm to cool white and the Kelvin scale. This is very useful because it tells you how likely the output will be (see above).

Beam angle

The beam angle refers to how much light is spread from the source of the LED light source. For example, an MR16 LED spotlight may have a 45-degree beam angle. This means that it is very focused and can only be used to light up a small area. These are great for lighting kitchen worktops and other places where a narrow beam is required. The beam angles of LED spots can vary significantly from very limited to very large. They will typically have 45, 90, and 120 degrees. The LED bulbs are available in 260, 360, and 360 watts. Before making your decision, be aware of the beam angle.


This article should help you make an informed decision when purchasing LED bulbs. You will be making an intelligent decision by switching to LED and saving money on energy and the environment. Some LED bulbs can last up to 30,000 hours, which is a lot of years. So don’t wait to go green. I pay attention not only to the number of watts but also to the price. I don’t care about light color, and I pay little attention to the bright, soft, or kelvin colors.

Simply what color is light?

I was trying to find out if this light bulb is suitable for enclosed fixtures like the one I have on my kitchen ceiling. The kind that requires two light bulbs, and then you cover it with a clear case. Unfortunately, after purchasing the light, I opened the packaging and found out that it was not mine. Instead, the bulb contained a hard-to-read proclamation that the bulb should not be used in enclosed luminaires. It is always nice to see simple instructions without using fancy words. Perhaps the French customers prefer luminaires.

Light Package

Most of the time, a lightbulb is not recommended to be used in an enclosed fixture. This is due to heat buildup, which can entrap heat and reduce the bulb’s life expectancy. All light bulbs are susceptible to heat. The bulb is designed to heat up and then cool down before it becomes a fire hazard.

Even after being on for a long time, the glass portion of an LED bulb remains cool. This makes it very easy to use. However, the base of an LED bulb can get hot and make it uncomfortable to touch. It is vital to ensure that any light bulb has adequate ventilation so heat can be dissipated.

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