Lee Otto MN Explains How to be Successful in the Sales Industry

The sales industry is built upon convincing customers of the merits of a product or a service. But that convincing doesn’t come easy. And rather than doing all the talking, a good salesperson’s greatest skill is the ability to listen to the customer. Instead of overwhelming the potential customer with a list of reasons they should buy this product, the salesperson’s goal is to assist the buyer in making the right decision.

Lee Otto is an inside and remote sales leader located in Alexandria, Minnesota. Lee’s role is to support, guide, and advocate client success through extensive customizable marketing solutions. His main areas of expertise and abilities include sales strategies and revenue growth, inside/telecommute/remote sales, B2B and B2C, solution-selling, and value-based programs, among others.

The Good Listener

Selling products or services is a process. In that process the two main players, the salesperson, and the customer, each have their own goals and agendas. But a good salesperson, according to Lee Otto MN of Alexandria, knows how to approach the customer without any agendas. The best way to do that is to be a good listener. Ask the customer questions and listen carefully to their answers. These answers carry a clue as to what they want.

A good listener shows the customer that they care, not just about what the customer needs but also how the product can help them improve their life and achieve their goals. Instead of pushing the sale aggressively, the salesperson takes a step back and allows the customer to talk themselves into the sale.

Assist not Convince

The way Lee Otto of MN sees it, a successful salesperson is the one who views their role as an assistant. When talking to a potential customer, you should see yourself as merely trying to assist the customer make a wise purchase decision. One that they will not regret later.

Buyer’s remorse is a common problem and it often results from impulsive purchases or when the customer feels that they were talked into a sale. To avoid that, a salesperson should not try to convince the customer to buy something. That approach pits the salesperson against the customer. Instead, the salesperson should make it clear that they are on the customer’s side and their sole purpose is to help the customer find what they want and get a good deal.

Lee Otto of MN on People Skills

For the salesperson, selling is more than just numbers, quotas, and commissions. It’s a complex process that involves, among other things, having good people skills. It can be as simple as initiating small talk that puts the customer at ease. From talking about general topics to asking the customer about their health or their family. This gives the salesperson the opening they need to ask the right questions regarding the sale and find the key to the customer’s personality. It comes with practice and pretty soon, the salesperson can become adept at reading people and finding the right approach, says Lee Otto of Alexandria.

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