Main React Native Benefits For Your Upcoming Startup App

Think about modern society. Is there anything that we lack today? It seems that these days, everything humanity has ever needed is available in all shapes and sizes. Still, the necessities of humanity grow, it creates the demand of the new and optimized tech solutions. That is why there hasn’t been any better time to launch a startup that can become groundbreaking.

Modern React Native development services can assist in sketching a masterpiece and saving countless minutes of your time. Unfortunately, old habits die hard and not everyone follows tech innovations on a regular basis. React Native, for instance, can simplify the development processes and reduce a significant part of your team’s scope of work. For a startup project, the framework may be truly revolutionary. Keep reading to get the full picture of its capabilities.

Meet React Native

Well, enough with praising the service, you’ll understand everything on your own as soon as you finish reading and actually try the framework. Looking at the statistics, we clearly see the leader.

So, what can we say about it?

React Native is a framework designed on the basis of JS (JavaScript). It aims to give a startup owner a helping hand with launching mobile applications that run efficiently on both Android and iOS-powered devices. They are commonly known as hybrid apps.

Well-known startups that use React Native

You’re probably interested in not only statistics but the exact examples. Well, fair enough. Let’s examine a few of them.

  • You probably heard about this social network. Its users share inspiring ideas and visual content.
  • Wix is a platform that allows users from all over the globe to build their own HTML5 and mobile websites.
  • Myntra. The online retail field is skyrocketing these days. Myntra is India’s main eCommerce platform. It sells personalized gift items.

Configuring a React Native: 8 strong points why it’s crucial

At this point you’re already familiar with the framework and a few preeminent platforms that utilize it. Let’s move forward and determine the eighth points why your startup also needs one.

Your perfect developer is just a click away

React Native is not a recent invention. Hundreds of dedicated developers implemented it to their workflow and enjoy the entire range of privileges. You can easily utilize either outsource or decide on hiring local specialists. There are lots of web resources available where you can find thousands of talented developers online and pick the one that meets your specific needs. For instance, take into account Upwork or Fiverr – the useful sites to start with. There, you’ll find a professional with a flawless reputation in a matter of minutes.

There’s no time to waste

There’s a saying that you can’t rush perfection. Well, it doesn’t suit the app development niche because the more you wait, the more chances that demand will change. The market is unstable and extremely growing. Every day it’s more and more difficult to create a hit. In order to increase your choices to become a hit, you have to launch a product as fast as possible. RN apps for Android and iOS share up to 90% of the codebase. As a result, it creates the best conditions for your product to be developed and launched faster.

Non-native plugin support

React Native may not possess all the required features of the leading framework. However, this is rarely an issue since all the needed third-party plugins can be easily incorporated into your project.

Reduced project cost

There’s no secret that if one intends to build the platforms for iOS and Android separately, it’s not only significantly more expensive, but also extended scope of work for your teammates. Why waste extra money and effort? RN comes up with a solution and builds a cross-platform product from scratch. As well as you can effectively cooperate with one specialist (or team).

Reusable elements

React Native consists of the entire range of elements that are well-controlled and practically structured. All these elements and components are reusable. So, they work equally well for iOS and Android. It ensures that the development process is efficient and optimized. Besides, products that are built with RN are remarkably easier to maintain.

Available tools

Another practical RN benefit that’s important to mention is the vast array of available tools and libraries. It may be overwhelming for a newcomer who just decided to join the framework. But don’t worry, the RN user community is huge, friendly and always ready to give a helping hand to a developer that faces an issue and having difficulty to handle something on their own.

Robust refreshing

To those unfamiliar with the framework, Fast Refresh means nothing. However, those who are involved in the niche know that this feature is among the crucial perks of React Native. The primary goal of this refresh function is to enable developers to add updates to the project while it is running. Such an approach ensures that no data is lost in the process while the functioning is uninterrupted.

Project flexibility

If you’re working with a dedicated team, React Native enables them to divide any app into particular modules. It’s not an issue to manage every module separately. So, while one developer is working on a certain module, the rest of the team can be busy updating other elements. As a result, the workflow is optimized and several tasks can be done simultaneously.

With such opportunities, the product’s development will progress faster. At some point, there may be a need for other specialists to catch up with the process. React Native’s flexibility works well for testers, too. They can spot problems while working on separate components easily.


To sum everything up, building an application is a challenging and responsible task. The time and resources spent in the process may become an issue for the project’s success. Any startup owner has to study every opportunity on the niche in order to find the best tech solution for themselves. Now you can be sure that you found one.

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