Make Money from Home with Arabclicks Affiliate Marketing Programs

Arabclicks Network is one of the most well-known networks in the Arab and Gulf region with a great impact on commission shopping especially in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Emirates, it offers a set of solutions to make money easily online.

Arabclicks Network

Arabclicks is a huge advertising company, but not in the concept of traditional advertising, it is a platform where advertisers and publishers gather, but in a specific field which is digital marketing.

It plays a major role in supporting e-commerce mainly in the MENA region which is considered a very promising region in this field.

Among the most important advertisers in the Arabclicks network you can find Noon website, Amazon, Namshi, Golden Scent, Sephora… and a large number of different famous electronic stores. If you have capacities to market products, Arabclicks is considered the right company for you to make money online from home.

How can I work with Arabclicks?

 Very simple! If you would like to participate in the Arabclicks program and work as a commission marketer, register on the website by entering all of your personal information such as name, surname and a valid email address.

After that you will have access to work for a very large number of stores around the World. You will whether get discount coupons, or you can get tracking links that you should share with as much people as you can, through your platforms and the more people click on the links or use these coupons every time they shop, the more money you make, a piece of cake!

Now you may wonder: Where should I put these coupons or links?

Continue reading to know the answer.

Marketing method to make money with Arabclicks


If you have a specialized website with a good number of visitors, this is great!

For example, if your website has to do with bodybuilding or body care, you can work with the iHerb store, one of the Arabclicks partners. The iHerb products are very high quality, once you introduce it to your visitors and earn their trust, you will be rich.

You just need to place coupon ads between articles on your website, and every time someone buys through that coupon you get a commission for that.

Imagine if you had 10,000 visitors on your website, you could make very big profits!

Social media marketing

Did you know that Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users?

And did you know that the population of Arab countries equals more than 350 million people? There are more than 150 million Arabs who have a Facebook account. All of these numbers you can use in the marketing of products, whether by creating a specialized facebook page, for example, specialized in skin care and start marketing Noon or Souq products.

You can also use Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, and all available platforms, and believe me, you will make a fortune.

If you want to be professional in commission marketing, participate in social media marketing courses, such as Edomy platform that offers many good courses, you can also learn through the ArabClicks Academy for junior marketers (like this course: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners, 5 Ways to Make or Break Your Affiliate Marketing Career)

YouTube channel

If you have a big YouTube channel, for example, in the field of technology, you may provide explanations to users using devices, you can tell people that you bought them from Noon store for example, and you give them a discount coupon, or you can recommend buying a product and put the purchase link in the video description.

Imagination is more important than knowledge …

You have to be creative and innovative through your own marketing methods. Currently there are more than 100 million people who work as freelancers and earn thousands of dollars every month. Without any limits, without pressure and without the need to go out from home.

ArabClicks offers you a golden opportunity to work from home and make a fortune by collecting all the famous stores in one place, a place you should use in a smart way. You should use your imagination to come up with the best ways to attract customers. The sky is your limit!

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