Mind is the root of divine consciousness

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The means of reaching the soul, which we have, is also the mind, the inner soul, the mind, the Buddha, etc. The spiritual practice of self-worship can be done through these. In the body, the soul is pervading everywhere. No special place is employed for it, which should be used on any instrument. Just as the mind, wisdom, etc. can only be able to worship the soul, in the same way, the philosophy of its place and nature can be realized by entering the mind. Mental folk is the same as the mass people. It has the most shadow of the external worlds in it. Right now we are thinking of Kolkata, now the Himalayan mountain start walking. The contemplation of what he had just considered was not the Kolkata and the Himalayas, but his shadow was located in the public physic, the shadow is not unreal. Without the true existence of substances, there can be no imagination.

This psyche should not be confused with the public. This is the subtle consciousness, with the help of which all the work of the world is going on. A shopkeeper who has to go to buy goods from a foreign country, he first travels abroad to MNSL and looks after the difficulties of the road, accordingly arranges to remove them. Higher spiritual consciousness comes from Man slock. What kind of expressions are there in someone’s mind, who thinks of us, who is in relation to who is related, and entering into fright, we get to know eighty percent. It was a big thing for ordinary people to work in. People know the future, tell the past times, keep the knowledge indirectly. All divine consciousness comes only in the minds of the people. By accepting them, the tongue is revealed. If this mental sensation was not done, then it would have been like a man walking like a mechanical man has been made in Europe and America with the help of science. The consciousness that connects the soul of the statue and the microcosm made of ten ceramic soil and twenty-sized water should be understood only by the mind and the people.

Now our effort will be to enter the mental world and go there View and experience the soul through the divine eyes of Buddha. These are all to overcome physical difficulties. To keep the body healthy, it is important to understand that there is no problem in mental exercises. We preach to our seekers a healthy body. In today’s circumstances, we do not seem to have any special advantage in copying those fiery physical exercises. To teach the person living in the urban airplane filled with smoke, to make fierce pranayama, to do injustice to him. If you say to me to imitate the harsh practices of Hatha Yoga, who are eating nectar of mountainous rivers and fruits and fruits, healthy people who are away from sensory pleasures, then we will commit a kind of sin and without reality. The seekers who go to know those physical penances will be the example of a cluster which saw the horse running out of the house and went out of his way went to die. Everyone knows the simple rules of staying healthy. They should strictly follow them. If there is a disease then you should be treated with a skilled doctor. We will also publish a free book in this regard. But for this instrument, there is no need for such physical abilities, which can be accomplished in the end. Be healthy, be happy, that’s enough.

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