Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for a Hosting Company

Your choice of hosting company will play a crucial role in the success of your website.  A poor web hosting company will impact your bottom line by degrading the performance of your website.

To make things easy for you, here are mistakes you need to avoid when looking for a hosting company.

Focusing on Price Alone

Several hosting companies offer free and low-cost hosting plans to businesses. In most cases, the free web hosting plans may sound great to your wallet, but they are a disaster to your website performance with glitches like slow loading speed or unsolicited 3rd party advertisements. Hence, you must compare several plans before finalizing.

A Kinsta review presents you with different pricing options offered by this reputed hosting company. The hosting plan mentions the different pricing options along with the features of each plan.

Ignoring Uptime

The consequences and cost of downtime are the reasons why uptime is crucial when selecting a hosting company. Most hosting companies provide an uptime guaranteed in their service level agreement. As mentioned in any Kinsta review, an uptime of 99.99%is impressive.  The web hosting company must be able to deliver on its uptime guarantees.

Ignoring Performance Parameters

Besides uptime, website speed is also an essential factor. Leading web hosting companies offer an average page load time of 1.25 seconds. The server response times are also a fact, with an average of 850ms.  The technology stack of the hosting company is crucial for its performance. Some of the popular technology stack supported by hosting companies is PHP7.4, NGINX, Maria DB and many more.

Disregard Customer Support

Your website might face several problems after going live. If customers face any problems accessing your website, you may lose business opportunities and customers to your competitors. Most problems with web hosting are technical, and you need to contact customer support to resolve the issues.

The web hosting company you choose must offer 24×7 customer support to deal with any hosting problems faced by your web administrator. If the web hosting company does not offer round-the-clock support, it may take days to resolve the issue, which might lead to considerable losses to your business.

Not Reading Reviews

Reviews can tell you a lot about web hosting companies. Before choosing any hosting company, spend some time researching the company and reading reviews mentioned on various platforms. The reviews can tell you about performance, professionalism, and other essential things to help you make the right decision.

Don’t limit yourself to reviews mentioned on the hosting service provider website. Check technical blogs, better business bureau websites, and other online places to read honest reviews.  You can also talk to some of their past and current clients to get an accurate picture.

Ignoring the Restrictions

The service agreement you sign when you choose a web hosting company mentions the terms and conditions of the service contract. The agreement mentions the restrictions in terms of resources that your website can use. The agreement might mention “unlimited bandwidth,”  but several limiting factors come when you research further. For example, your website will have access to limited bandwidth during peak traffic. It means customers will face problems accessing your website during peak traffic periods.

It would help if you looked for restrictions like

  • No permission to install custom software
  • No multiple POP accounts
  • No SSH

Such restrictions might not be explicitly mentioned in the agreement but hidden in conditional statements. You can seek the help of a hosting expert or advisor to get an idea about the restrictions mentioned in the service agreement.

To sum up, avoiding these mistakes will help you find the right web hosting company that offers your necessary framework and features for the optimal performance of your website.

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