No-Code: The Future of Contact Center Automation

Automation has become every industry’s go-to for low-cost production while attaining peak efficiency. For a growing contact center the surge in customers, coupled with their high expectations, can cripple performance altogether.

No-Code automation is the best (and only) way to measure up to these pressures. All without negotiating on customer service quality.

What is No-Code Automation

No-Code Automation happens when you build self-executing business processes through triggers and events without writing technical commands (coding).


All this is possible because the code is written beforehand, forming movable elements with which you can create new process workflows.

Think of solving a puzzle as the process of no-code automation. The actual puzzle pieces already exist, while making them from scratch is the same as actual coding.

Advantages of No-Code Contact Center Automation

From the analogy we proposed above, it’s clear that no-code automation brings a lot of advantages to the contact center implementing it.

Let’s outline a few of these advantages;

1. Short Time-to-Market

The relatively shorter busts of automation (compared to actual coding) yield quick results. Together with the testing and deployment processes, no-code automation keeps your contact center agile with fresh functionalities.

2. There’s no Technical Debt

Even though it’s the easier way of doing things, you won’t have to fear any backlash from taking shortcuts (technical debt). This is because, in actuality, no-code automation is not a shortcut, but the culmination of simplified innovation.

3. No-code Automation is Cheap

Going the no-code route means you won’t have to hire programmers to create new modules and integrate them with your contact center tools. (each asking for an average of $50/hr)

The cost savings, coupled with the first point (less time) add up to a cheap means of keeping your contact center functioning at world-class levels.

4. In-house Solutions by Those That Need Them

Even the most skilled developers won’t approach the problem you want to solve with as much passion as the staff already facing it. You also explain less about the problem and how you want it solved.

5. You Can Achieve Ambitious CX Goals

Exploring no-code automation to your customer experience bottlenecks gives you the advantage of customized solutions. The more intimate your systems address customer experience, the better your customer loyalty metric.

We could go on, but these five should make a solid case for no-code automation in contact centers. Let’s go on and discuss several application areas for which you could apply no-code automation.

No-Code Automation Application Areas

From the advantages we’ve outlined above, several ideas on which to apply no-code automation come to mind.

Focusing on the theme of improving your customer satisfaction (related) metrics, these three ideas stand out:

  1. Intuitive Call Routing
  2. Better Customer Support Queue Handling
  3. Automated Outbound Calling for Customer Retention

Let’s expand these points a little further…

Intuitive Call Routing

With no-code automation, you can avoid having a human agent in between each call that gets routed to a different department.

It all starts with your call tools, recognizing the caller by their phone number (trigger). Then follows a quick determination of their reasons for calling.

An integrated CRM should have up-to-date information on all callers. It all ends with the caller information getting pushed to the best agent to handle the call (action).

Better Customer Support Queue Handling

Instead of keeping callers on hold for minutes on end as they await a turn with your agents, automation can invoke virtual queuing.

This way, your caller’s position in the waiting line is maintained. Once an agent becomes available (better when call routing has taken place) an automated call reconnects the customer with your contact center.

Automated Outbound Calling and better Customer Retention

The trigger for outbound calls can be any of the following,

  • A customer lifespan is about to expire
  • The customer abandoned an inbound call
  • They gave less than satisfactory feedback to routine surveys

With detailed reason, your agents can now follow up with customers through an auto dialer outbound call. Such a process will lessen your customer churn rate as well.

At this point we can safely conclude that no-code automation opens doors for your contact center to achieve impressive results.

Are you using any such systems as yet?

About babelforce

babelforce is a global cloud communications platform focused on No-Code integration and automation. It allows non-technical people to build even the most complex integrated processes for customer-facing teams, particularly in the call center.