Office moving costs decoded!!!!

Office moves is both an exciting and daunting process at the same time. At one side, it brings lots of new opportunities for business expansion and so on while on another hand, it comes with the numerous numbers of costs which could make a hole in the budget of an office. Many costs are associated with relocating an office before and after the moving day and if you know these costs and the right tricks to save money then this is only the way to stay in budget when relocating your office. Some of the moving costs are related to the labor for makes internal and external changes while some will cover the consulting like hiring IT firm to relocate IT server and so on. Additionally there are a lot of hidden moving costs are present in an office move. Check out these different costs.

Planning a budget

Calculate the estimate to start the relocation process.  The budget acts as a great reference tool for monitoring the moving expenses being incurred in the future. Before getting in touch with moving companies one must account for all the expenses that tend to occur when shifting the office space. You should include all the expenses that might take place on the repairs and maintenance of the new office place. Contact the manager who is looking at the developments of the new office and ask him or her if building-out expenses are included in the new contract or an extra fee is charged by him or her for the services.

Selecting employees to plan and supervise the move

Moving an office with all expensive equipment to another place can be a daunting and exhausting task. The burden of the office relocation can be considerably reduced by forming a team of efficient employees whose responsibility is to plan all the tasks related to the move such as pre-move activities, during the move activities, and after the move activities. These employees only arrange the services required by the company for an effective relocation. It is important for the company to reward these employees for their great contributions in the office move. Therefore, the total number of hours the employees spend on the moving tasks are calculated, and based on its rewards are determined.

Taking inventory of all equipment

Recording the inventory of all the assets and equipment you are planning to carry at the new office space is essential. It will help you maintain the record of the item you lost during the move and thus, get the new one. You can now easily calculate the charges you have spent to get the inventory after shifting to a new place compared to the inventory which was available before the transition. Also, you will know what cost is incurred because of the damaged, stolen, or lost equipment.

Contacting landlord, vendors, and suppliers

If your current office space was rented then it is a must to contact the landlord and discuss the fees or penalties if any because of early termination of the contract. Also, if there are any damages in the office space then you may need to pay for the same as well. Don’t forget to contact the vendors supplying required equipment and suppliers supplying raw material for production. It is important that you discuss with them the increase or decrease in the transportation cost of supplying the required materials due to a change in the location.

Calculating charges paid to technicians

Moving and installing computers and other electronic equipment is not as easy as plugging them out. You will need a team of professional technicians to move and install the electronic equipment at the new place. These technicians are well aware of the technicalities required for plugging out and installing the computers. But nothing comes in free. These technicians charge a handsome amount of money for providing their services. Therefore, do calculate the cost you might have to pay for hiring the technicians.

Calculating moving cost

Office moving is a complicated task and can’t be performed without the supervision or help of professional movers. You should hire a moving company that is professional in providing office moving services. Moving companies are acquainted with experienced movers and packers who have valuable knowledge of packing and moving office equipment safely. Before you hire any relocation company does consider the price charged. Calculate the estimated moving cost and see if the price charged by a specific moving company agrees to the moving cost estimated by you.

Estimating cost to terminate utility and other services

Moving cost is not limited to the subscription of new utilities or other moving costs only but also you have to calculate the cost of termination for some utilities.

 Final words!!!

Office moves takes place to earn a higher profit. Therefore, preparing finances is important. The above written list of office moving cost helps you to prepare your finances well so you can relocate your business with ease.

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