Top 20 Websites For Online Automation Testing Courses And Certifications

online automation testing courses

Websites For Online Automation Testing Courses will be described in this post. Certifications, typically, are proof of the enhanced prowess in the stream for which the course has been taken. Automation Testing Certifications and Courses help validate as well as enhance our technical capability in a specific vertical. There are hundreds of tools through which the automation code can be written in different programming languages. A lot of these tools also need a fair amount of time to be invested in learning courses and doing certifications.

Best Online Automation Testing Courses and Certifications

In this article, you can know about Online Automation Testing Courses here are the details below;

This article gives a index of some of the best available online Automation Testing courses to learn automation online and certifications you can consider. Hope this answers a few queries we receive for suggestions on Online Automation Testing Courses and Certifications. Here you go!

1. Udemy


Udemy is one of those platforms which almost everyone has heard about. Most learners have also tried courses from this platform. One can almost identify this as a one-stop platform for aspiring automation experts. There are various courses listed on Udemy which can help people learn automation testing. Some of the multiple suitable courses available on Udemy are:

Udemy Best Automation Testing Courses

  •  API Automation
  • RPA Automation
  • Appium – Mobile Automation Testing

All you ought to do is head over to Udemy, and select any of these courses to go through the preview material to decide before you enrol. You can Get Udemy Courses free or purchase lecture content based on user-generated reviews and other filters and more. This is one of the fastest forms to get started with learning automation testing.

2. Edureka


Edureka typically provides Instructor-led training courses which help aspiring candidates to learn interactively.

Edureka Best Automation Testing Courses

For learning test automation on Edureka are:

  • Selenium Certification Training
  •  Performance Testing using Jmeter
  •  Ruby with Cucumber Certification Testing

It depends on what stage of learning you are at. However, that said, Edureka aids in instructor-led training and courses, that can be completely availed online.

3. Guru99


Whoever has prepared for an interview for a QA/testing role, has most likely encountered testing related content on Guru99. Guru99 is one of the best platforms to learn and improve Automation Testing skills. There are practice problems which a tester can work on to practically implement their learning.

Guru99 Best Automation Testing Courses

They provide solutions for those problems and thus help enhance automation testing skills by providing the opportunity to practice.

There are detailed courses available to learn test automation. They have courses on:

  • Selenium Testing
  • QTP
  •  JMeter
  •  Postman
  • RPA

4. SoftwareTestingHelp

SoftwareTestingHelp also provides detailed level courses on Automation testing. SoftwareTestingHelp has been about since 2006 & has a large digit of blogs, articles, courses & ebooks covering a wide multiplicity of topics on testing, automation & development. They have divided the courses into multiple Tutorials and each tutorial has detailed steps to learn testing online along with an integrated video.

This helps the candidate to go step by step and also have an interactive learning experience by watching contextually relevant videos. If you are a manual tester who wants to transition to being an automation tester then we have the right resource for you, here is a round-up of advice from the experts

5. TestAutomationUniversity


This forum by Applitools provides free access to courses with transcripts, quizzes, credits and ranks. On the basis of credits, a candidate is given a rank within their online university. It is a cool platform to get orientation to some real market scenarios while learning more about automation technologies at the same time.

6. Coursera


Courses provide best online courses on Automation Testing, online professional certificates, Online Degree Programs. Coursera has both instructor-led, as well as static video-based content. Each course is like an interactive text, featuring pre-recorded videos, quizzes & projects and thus helping candidate to learn in a better interesting & interactive way.

7. AcademicCourses



This platform provides Automation Courses, Certifications and Degrees from top universities. The multiple useful part about this forum is that they have courses in different languages like Chinese, Spanish, English and thus helping global students to learn in their native language.

8. Edx


EdX has free courses on Automation testing. They also provide a Professional Certificate on Automation Courses from some of the greatest universities in the planet. They have an affiliation with universities like MIT, Harvard University, Boston University, The University of the Texas System and more.

9. International Institute For Software Testing

International Institute For Software Testing

This institute provides online Certifications valid at a variety of professional institutes. They also have training partners to help the candidates whenever they face any challenge during their learning. They also provide online interactive training and self-paced training (all delivered via the internet). Also check Apple AirTag Alternatives 

10. Udacity


Udacity provides nanodegree programs on all automation languages like C++, Machine Learning, Data engineer, Robotics and more. They also have Mentor Programs which help the candidates to avail the services of a mentor. The mentor can help guide the candidate according to their interest and is, therefore, a much more personalized experience compared to standard video-based learning programs.

11. Alison


It provides Certificate Courses, Diploma Courses and Learning Paths for technical courses. They have diploma courses in Software Testing, Introduction to Python, Diploma in Design Thinking, Diploma in Python Programming.

12. Automation In Testing

Automation In Testing

These folks provide online courses on Automation and divided these courses at three broader levels: Programming Basics, Language Basics and Selenium Web driver. They have further broken down these categories at granular levels like Java Basics, C++, and Node Basics. These segregations are helpful for the candidate to assess their strong points and creating a strong base for developing Automation skills in QA/Testing.

13. Lynda


Lynda is a fairly famous online LinkedIn learning platform. It has a vast number of courses on Automation Testing. They have segregated their courses at three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advance. This helps the candidate to shortlist the right and most relevant course as per his technical prowess and stage across his/her learning curve.

14. SimpliLearn


SimpliLearn Platform provides a Master Certification Program which further has granular certification programs like Java Certification Training, Selenium Training, Docker Compose in Depth and finally the Master Certification. Attending all these programs help the candidate in attaining Master Level Certification. This is a really useful certification that can aid an automation testing career growth. All the tracks are covered completely online.

15. TechCanvass


It is a software training and consulting organization specifically designed for IT Professionals. They also provide certifications for different courses like Selenium, Python Testing, and Mobile Testing. Candidate can also avail Self Placed Training where they provide Actual Live Class, Project with and finally the certification.

16. Tutorials Point

Tutorials Point

This platform provides step by step tutorials for learning Automation skills for testing. Along with providing testing tutorials, they also provide Best Practices steps, Technical Q&A forum, Multi-Lingual Tutorials, Online tutors and much more. This platform is in itself a complete guide for a beginner to evolve an expert in Automation

17. IntelliPaat


Intellipat platform provides Online Classroom Trainings, Self-Placed Training and Instructor-Led Training. One of the items that stands out with them is the 24*7 Support for queries at flexible timings.

18. ArtOfTesting


This platform is the best platform for beginners who may have never worked on Automation earlier but still want to get their foot into the door. They have curated step by step detailed tutorials for Automation which are extremely helpful for a beginner level candidate to develop his basics of automation. They have also answered frequently asked questions to clear any type of query that a candidate may have at the initial level of learning.

19. Plural Sight

Plural Sight

This is almost a co-brother to LinkedIn. Plural Sight collates most technical courses that someone pursuing a tech career may require. They have detailed courses on development, cloud, AI/ML and testing. These, in particular, have been created by experts and this platform has collaboration with about 70% of Fortune 500 companies and 1500 + expert authors.



It stands for the ‘International Software Testing Qualifications Board’. ISTQB Certified people receive recognition at both entry-level and professional level. ISTQB provides foundation level, advanced level and expert level certifications on: Also check Free AI Writing Tools

a) Agile

  • Foundation Level- Consists of one certification known as Agile Tester
  • Advanced  Level: Again, consists of a single certification named Agile Technical Tester

b) Core

Foundation Level

  1. c) Advanced Level – has a couple of certifications as below
  • Test Manager
  • Test Analyst
  • Technical Test Analyst
  1. d) Expert Level – has two certifications
  • Test Management
  • Improving the Test Process

e) Specialist

  1. Foundation Level

This has a number of certifications as described below:

  • Model Based Tester
  • Usability Testing
  • Automotive Software Tester
  • Gambling Industry Tester
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Acceptance Testing

2.Advanced Level – has just the below two certifications:

  • Security Tester
  • Test Automation Engineer

That was it. Hope you find these online Automation Testing courses and certifications helpful. Also, if you ask us, we recommend The Rapid Software Testing course by James Bach and Michael Bolton. More details on the course here. Having talked about the top 20 courses and websites on testing, there is another course that is a must if you are an automation tester. Having this course will help you add a new tool to your skillset as well as knowledge about the tool’s functionalities in detail. Here you will find the getting started guides for the test automation tool Testsigma.

While there are several options around courses and certifications for Automation Testing and QA, it is worthwhile to understand that these are only the online ones you can look at. If you are performing for a company that is still only into manual testing, then your colleagues may look to upskill through one of the courses listed above. Alternatively, you could also take the help of some amazing services to multiply the speed of testing by evaluating easy to use test automation tools like Testsigma with zero upfront investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Certification is Best for Automation Testing?

With the portion of time you can devote, the level of difficulty you want, and depending on your specified needs, you can do the certification for automation testing from the list mentioned. Financial aid is also available on websites such as Edx, Udemy, and Coursera

Can I Directly Learn Automation Testing?

Yes, you can directly learn automation testing in-person mode or virtually. Many govt. Universities and colleges have specialized automation testing courses, and online learning institutions have the same for virtual-based learning.

Which Selenium Certificate is Best?

The “Getting started with selenium webdriver” course by covets the WebDriver API using Java/C#, learning its essential functions such as different Open browsers, Locating elements, Interacting with components, Screenshots, and Waits.

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