Online College Learning: 4 Online Exam Tips to Help You Prepare for Success


It is that time of the season where thanksgiving is slowly creeping in. Another reminder is that you will be sitting shortly for your end of semester exams. The news might send jitters, but no need to worry! You won’t be sitting at the end of an extended exam hall on your own.

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting how students sit their end of term exams. Online learning is taking center stage with online exams, becoming a new theme. Most likely, your college is sticking to the Government’s COVID 19 guidelines. Therefore, it means you better prepare for a new wave of online exams.

The fact you will become an online student is something to be cheerful about. It means you are taking the necessary precautions in stopping the spread of COVID 19. Furthermore, it means you can proceed to your next level of learning uninterrupted.

Amid the season of giving and gratitude, we share some helpful tips to help you cope up with the online exams. Read through this article to better prepare yourself for anything that comes in your online exams.

How to Prepare for Online Exams

Do not get carried away with the thought of online exams. The only difference is the online version. Please read below some tips to help you best prepare for them.

  1. Turning Up

You do not have to wake up early to beat the morning traffic rush to get to school on time for the end year exams. You might have to wake up early to beat the morning rush for breakfast in your home, though. The first step in taking your online exams is showing up. Gone are the days where you arrive late for an exam and have to give a probable cause for coming late.

One thing about online exams is that when you show up late, you might get locked out. You can choose the time you prefer to sit for the exams. However, you cannot determine the length of time to do the exams. Most of the online exams are timed.

  1. Preparing Your Computer

The worst mistake that can happen when sitting for an exam is when your computer decides to have a system upgrade. Another instance is where your internet connectivity is low, or you are having a blackout. Therefore, it is mandatory to prepare your computer for the task ahead. Ensure all updates are complete, and internet connectivity is good.

Also, ensure you test the software link for the exam. Make sure you have downloaded the needed updates and plug-ins. Ensure you are connected to a reliable power source with a backup plan in case of a blackout.

  1. Complete Previous Assignments

You might be surprised to find your essay assignments from your professor turning up in the final exams. It has happened to the best of us. Some professors like toying with the minds of students. Therefore, do not take any chances. Ensure you complete any given assignment by your professor.

In case you have a massive workload on your hands, it is time to get some outside help. Reach out to essay writing service UK for prompt assistance. The writing service caters to students pressed for time with their essay assignments. Go through the assignment to get a better clue of the questions by the professor.

  1. False Open Book Thing

As a student, you might feel tempted to cheat since there is no patrolling invigilator in your room. What’s the worst that could happen? Well, online cheating is not what you think. It is not about opening a tap to Google your answers. It tests more of your understanding of the subject than your direct answers. You will not have an easy way out this time. Therefore, get rid of the sticky notes down your computer sides.


In case you opt for study materials during the exam, it might prove futile when you give rush responses to the questions. We are not condoning the use of an open book. By all means, please make use of it. However, it should complement what you already know about the subject. There is no way around this; you must prepare for the exam.

Prepare for beads of sweat down your forehead. There is no difference between an online exam and sitting down a long hall with a peaking invigilator on your neck. Remember to cover the basics and do not panic. Think of that sweet and tasty thanksgiving turkey you will be having later.

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