OSRS Firemaking Training Guide

In the wide world of Old School Runescape, we have a number of skills which we can level up, some of which to earn precious OSRS gold, or to improve our player’s abilities, and so on. OSRS Firemaking is one of these skills in which we are able to light fires and more. Before we start looking into how to train this skill, let’s delve into what Firemaking is in more detail.

What is OSRS Firemaking?

Yes, the skill works as something we use to light things on fire. But it does have other uses, one example is that it’s a companion skill to Woodcutting. This means that its trained alongside it to help finish certain quests or objectives. You will also need to raise your Firemaking skill to a high enough level to access particular quests or minigames.

You will notice that there are a fair-few-quests that will give you decent rewards where you will need good Firemaking skill. Not only that, but it can be very useful for other activities such as obviously making fire, but also for cooking, which can be done on the spot when you are at a high enough level and can help greatly in restoring your HP.

OSRS Firemaking Training

The majority of your time training Firemaking will revolve around training where there’s a bank nearby, so you can retrieve logs that you have banked, then burn them. With that in mind, this next section will show you what levels to burn certain logs, and what you will need to reach the next level.

Level 1-15

For this first level bracket, burn normal logs. You will receive 40 XP for each log and can be obtained from trees such as evergreen, dead, and dying trees practically anywhere in Gielinor. If you want to burn logs to reach level 15, then you will need to have burnt 61 logs.

Level 15-30

To reach level 30 from here, go for oak logs. Again, these are really easy for you to find and they’re located pretty much everywhere in the game. Burning these logs will grant you 60 XP per log, and you can also purchase them from other players if you wish. To reach level 30, you will need 183 oak logs.

Level 30-45

If you want to go from level 30 to 45, then you are best going for burning willow logs. By doing so, you will earn 90 XP for each log that you burn. You can buy these logs from others, or you could also cut them if you have raised your Woodcutting level to 30. If you have reached this level, then locations such as the River Lum in Lumbridge, Edgeville, and Draynor Village all have trees that can be cut nearby to get willow logs. You will need 535 logs to hit level 45.

Level 45-60

Next, we want to hit level 60, so the best way to do this is to burn maple logs. You will receive 135 XP for burning a maple log, and you can cut them if you choose to. Or, you can use your hard-earned OSRS gold and purchase them from the Grand Exchange. If you wish, you can even take this to level 99 if you are willing to put the time in.

Level 60-99

Finally, getting to level 99 should have you considering yew logs, to get 202.5 XP for each log. You can cut these yourself, but you might be better off buying them from others as it will be much quicker. One thing you will have to consider however is that it will be a costly method to your OSRS gold, so make sure that you can afford to do so first.

That is everything you need to know to get started at least with OSRS Firemaking. You may want to consider buying OSRS gold to complete this method faster, if there are options to buy logs from other players or the Grand Exchange. Luckily, you will find players selling OSRS gold as well as many other outlets online to help you complete it faster.

Have you reached level 99 in Firemaking? Let us know in the comments section below!

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