Osteopathy to Resolve Back Pain

I suffered from back pain for 10 years, then I tried osteopathy and I was reborn! Who has never experienced back pain in his life can be considered really lucky. It has been calculated that 4 out of 5 people suffer from back pain, such as low back pain. Back pain can be chronic, and accompany almost all of our days, or acute. For both cases there are suitable drugs for sale only on doctor’s prescription. Spending your life taking medicines is not the best, especially if they reduce the pain but do not solve the root problem. And above all if our problem is chronic.

Anyone suffering from back pain is also an expert in more or less strong painkillers to take when needed. But problems of this kind can also be addressed in other ways. One of these is osteopathy. When we talk about osteopathy we are not referring to an improvised technique without a scientific foundation. Osteopathy is a therapy based on the manipulation of some parts of our body. This was included by the WHO in the list of traditional complementary medicines.

Osteopathy and back pain: finding the balance of a healthy body

Osteopathy can be crucial in the treatment of back pain. Even without drug administration, the osteopath may be able to treat symptoms in the musculoskeletal system, and in the fascial system. Using the hands the osteopath identifies the problems underlying the pain, and with different techniques tries to solve them. In many cases the problems underlying pain such as back pain are of articular origin. In this case the osteopath can act by reducing the misalignments. Or it can work on soft tissues and muscles.

Very often the manipulation of the osteopath does not solve the problem in a short time. Healing times can be more dilated, and require the body to regain its balance. Thanks to the various manipulations and maneuvers, anti-inflammatory processes that are natural in the human body are favored. But clearly they take time. Sometimes osteopathy can also serve to increase the effectiveness of the drugs that are included in our traditional therapy. Osteopath is not an alternative to our doctor, but it can accompany us on our healing pathways.

Osteopathy and exercises for back pain

Among the most painful and widespread back problems is the herniated disc. This in addition to the stiffness of the spine can cause pain that is difficult to bear. Thanks to specific osteopathic techniques it is possible to restore, in 5-6 sessions, the mobility of the affected column section. In general, the action of the osteopath must be followed by exercises that lead to strengthening the muscles. This avoids relapses.

Even if you have no particular back problems, following a routine of simple exercises can preserve the motility and health of our spine. Here are some very simple ones:

  1. Lying on your back, with your knees bent and feet on the ground, you should arch your back slightly upwards. Repeat 15 times, for 2 sessions.
  2. In quadrupedia position with the hands and feet the same width of the shoulders, arch your back upwards and return to position. Repeat 15 times, for 2 sessions.
  3. Lie down on the floor, with your legs resting on a support, keeping them bent at 90 degrees. Hold this position for 10 minutes.


This daily routine will help maintain the mobility of our back by helping to avoid the onset of very painful problems.

In any case if we suffer from back pain and particular pathologies, it is good not to improvise. An interview with the doctor first and then with the osteopath are the steps to follow for the correct resolution of the problem.

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