Overworked? Maybe you need to hire Household Staff

If you wonder how you can get more work done during your days, then you should think about hiring household staff. You may think that the various tasks around the house do not take so much of your time, but if you start counting, you’ll realize that at the end of the week, they accumulate to hours that you could be spending on your work. Here is how household staff can free you and empower you to become more efficient in your business.

Where to Start?

From the moment you take the decision to gain more time, so that you can spend it on developing your business, you need to ask yourself: What can I delegate? This will depend on which tasks you are responsible for in your household. If you think there isn’t one, you are probably wrong. You may not be the one who cleans the house or cooks the meal, but chances are you handle paying the bills and manage the relationship with the various suppliers.

It is also quite probable that whenever something breaks down in the house, you need to solve the problem, either by handling the repair yourself or making phone calls to find the right person to take care of it. And how about the time you spend driving to and from your office, or to your clients’ location? As we said, these moments can accumulate fast, and it’s all time you can spend more wisely on developing your business. When you realize it, then it is time to call upon a household staff agency.

What are the tasks you can delegate?

The number of household staff positions that can be filled in your house will vary on its size and the budget you are willing to invest. However, the tasks that can de be delegated are usually quite clear. Here are three most common:


The most common of household position is the maid. Cleaning the house (or simply keeping it clean) is something that takes up a lot of time, if it is done properly. Hiring a maid is the first thing to do, in order to gain back time.


Unless you work from home and don’t have to see clients, a chauffeur is going to make you much more efficient with your time management, as you will be able to handle tasks, as you move from one location to another. And since you should eat regularly, having a cook at home will also come in handy.

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