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There are now more online casinos than ever, and this competition means that there are more great introductory deals and bonuses than ever. For those of us looking to have some fun playing slots or other casino games, it’s a great time to try out new casinos.

It’s also the perfect time for casino newbies to get in on the action. But what holds many people back is a concern about handing over your bank card details to a website, often based overseas.

Electronic wallets and casinos

Traditionally, credit and debit cards were the way most people paid funds into their casino accounts. But with the increase in hacking attacks and even major household names having security problems, people are rightly becoming wary of storing their details with websites.

The solution has been the rise of the digital wallet, or e-wallet, for sending money to your casino account.

These services act between you and the casino, meaning that your bank or card details aren’t stored on the casino’ site, meaning you have no financial data that could be exposed to an attack.

Which casinos accept e-wallets like Pay Pal?

The rules on using e-wallets vary around the world. In some jurisdictions, you are not able to fund a casino account with an e-wallet. Other places limit the kinds of services you can use with them. Recently, the UK banned casino gaming using credit cards, and this includes using e-wallets that were funded with credit cards.

The best way to find casinos that offer w-wallet funding is to use a casino review site. There are several available, and these are perfect if you are looking to make an online casino deposit with PayPal, for example.

Which e-wallets can be used for casinos?

The most famous e-wallet is, of course, PayPal. Almost everyone is familiar with this service and how it works for online shopping. It’s also available as a payment method for some online casinos and works in exactly the same way as it would for sites like eBay or Amazon.

Neteller is another popular digital wallet that’s widely accepted among online casinos. It works in a similar way to PayPal, but offers some advantages over its more famous rival. For example, Neteller users can apply for a prepaid card that will allow them to access their winnings as cash via ATMs or to use it to pay for goods or services.

Skrill is a well-trusted payment service and e-wallet provider. Skrill is particularly popular for people who want to play online casinos that are registered in a foreign country because Skrill has very low costs for international currency payments. This makes it ideal for people who want to play in a different currency to that used in their own country.

Privacy and Security

Another key aspect of digital wallets that makes them more attractive than using debit or credit cards is that they allow you to keep your details private.

Because the e-wallet provider stores your personal details like name, address, date of birth, and bank account and card details, the casino doesn’t need to ask for these things. This means that you don’t have to send this private information to numerous different websites.

Digital wallet providers use some of the most secure encryption and security protocols in existence, making them much more resilient to hacking than other websites. Security is what they trade on, and they all have teams dedicated to constantly upgrading and perfecting their protection and therefore your money and personal details.

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