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The expert tips and tricks to start your day correctly keep changing and 2020 is the time when you should listen to podcasts while you have your first cup of coffee in the morning — listening to morning podcasts changes your whole morning. What podcasts you look to should be something that complements your daily routine.

Why the Colin Cowherd podcast

Colin runs the Colin Cowherd podcast, and Bill runs the Bill Burr Monday Morning podcast. If you listen to Colin Cowherd podcast, then you will hear pearls of wisdom repeated to you till you become familiar with the life lessons.

For example, if you had a terrible day and you slept dejected, and you decide to do meth the next day then Colin Cowherd’s voice rings in your ears saying do not do meth, it is illegal and anti-social, you change your mind, and decide not to do meth. That is what a simple Colin Cowherd podcast could do for you. It is life-changing and sometimes even life-saving.

Bill Burr Monday Morning podcast– The comedian

That is Colin Cowherd being straightforward, but the choice could be Bill Burr Monday morning podcast by Bill who is a comedian and who likes to go the round-about way to deliver the same punch in a way that it would motivate you and make you laugh. He incorporates severe topics in his morning shows which somehow only comedians can do. He spreads awareness about domestic abuse, mental abuse and bullying.

Bill Burr Monday Morning podcast teaches you not to indulge in this behavior and you imbibe these lessons better because you have just woken up and you like this tricky way to make you abstain from bullying. Therefore, Bill Burr is an idol for many. Both Colin Cowherd and Bill Burr would agree that you should live in the present and not in the past.

Even when Bill Burr Monday Morning podcast jokingly demeans feminism, Bill is still talking in favor of women saying that the women can make it big without needing reservations. If you like something dramatic, then Bill Burr is your choice because he will give you something to root him for and take it away in the next sentence.

Why we still have a love for Bill is because, behind all the fake rage and caustic language, he is essentially a comedian, so you ignore his cockiness and love him for his work which is why he has so many fans.

Bill Burr and Colin Cowherd agree

Bill Burr is a rational person and would never take decisions based on emotion, and that is also a lesson that Colin Cowherd Podcast would like you to learn that if someone were in the dumps and that too because of always living by emotion, then listening to the radio podcasts of these two podcasters asking people to be rational would change the very life of the emotional load, so podcasts do make a difference.

Podcasts can be life-altering

While Bill on Bill Burr Monday Morning podcast would joke about meth, on the other hand, Colin would logically talk about why you should not do meth, in Colin Cowherd podcast, Colin would rationalize. In contrast, Bill would joke and say, yes, a year is longer when you are sober, making you admit that you are missing out so much just because you choose to be doped.

Colin Cowherd jolts you back to reality

The reason why Colin Cowherd podcast is so famous is that Colin is a sports legend and people’s message from him is that you should love your family like you love sports and that is so apt because we love games like a religion so imagine we love our family the same way. This message is also increasingly apt in 2020 because the new generations are losing the family love, and the families are separating.

If you woke up and you heard Colin airing on radio and talking about love for family, you will feel jolted as if someone spoke about your gut feeling, jobs and long hours are making us forget family so he will serve a gentle reminder to never stray very far off from our family, from where we come, because the job that we do was supposed to make family life better, and not to make us forget who are our loved ones.

Bill on a happy family

Bill is also known to serve the same purpose behind all his jokes. He is rumored to have a happy family with a wife and a daughter, and he often jokes that he should be less angry to be the father his daughter deserves.

Both men are in favor of dating a ten but marrying a 7. Both men respect and regard women and talk about how smart women rule the roost.

Final words

Bill Burr Monday Morning podcast could be hated for Bill’s regular rants, and angry takes and Colin could be loved for his sports background, but both agree that to be a great success, you have to be ready to be hated. Those who you call as haters are not people who hate you, they are just critics and that too because you have done or dreamt something that the ordinary people could not.

The Colin Cowherd podcast mantra is that your work ethic should be the gold standard. Just because you win once, you should not stop winning because there is more expectation from you to win again. That is what heroes are made up of and listening to such top-notch philosophy and motivation every day in the morning can change your whole life.

Rants, Cynicism and Podcasts

Last, of all, both Bill and Colin both speak about cynicism and despair and while Bill comes on-air about Monday mornings and Colin to talk about Monday blues so if you listen to these two men then maybe you will find a perfect solution to your Monday blues.

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