Quick Reading in 3 Steps for Students

If you want to study quickly you must be able to read quickly! I’ll show you how you can do it in a simple way, thanks to the 3 steps that I have been using for years.

Speed ​​reading is certainly one of the techniques belonging to the world of rapid learning that generates the most fascination and interest. And this is because it carries with it the promise of having you read books, reports, articles, and any other information of your interest in much less time and with greater understanding.

Is all this possible? Or is it a “hoax”? The reality is that Quick Reading can give you great results! However, achieving the results that speed-reading courses promise requires training and determination that few often have.

But then “we are screwed”? In the sense that: or a lot of effort or no improvement in our reading speed? The answer is no. Follow the steps I am about to show you: I assure you that you will be able to speed up your reading in a more than substantial way and this without having to train with a lot of effort … You will not do a more than 1000% speed as the fast-reading courses promise you … But a plus + 30/50% yes! If “you are satisfied”, then continue reading 😉

Let’s See 3 Steps to Increase Your Reading Speed

1) Ask Yourself: What is the Goal for Which I Read?

To be able to read at the right speed, you need to clarify in your mind why you are reading. Do you do it for pleasure, to get a general and quick idea on a topic, to understand a text, or to memorize information?

You can’t always use a high reading speed, because it changes according to your goal, the difficulty of the text and how much information you already know about what you are reading. So ask yourself: what text am I about to read and why am I going to read it? And, depending on the response, decide whether your reading speed will be slower or faster than your usual speed.

Of course, the goal can get often lost when you have tons of assignments on you. In that case, consider getting help from an online essay writer to make your student’s life a bit easier.

2) Use a Relaxation Technique to “Warm Up Your Concentration”

Do you ever start reading and after a while ask yourself: what have I read? And, tac, you realize that you do not remember anything because you were with your head somewhere else! This happens because we don’t mentally prepare for reading. We must do as athletes do before starting a training session: we must concentrate, to be able to be in the “here and now” and unleash the best of our abilities.

There are various relaxation techniques, but today I recommend a simple one: that of the clock. Sit in a quiet place and, if you can, play some background music that relaxes you (example of relaxing music). Take a few deep breaths. Then, bring the watch in front of your eyes and stare at the second hand (or numbers, if it’s a digital watch) for a minute without thinking about anything else. If you notice that your head has gone “elsewhere”, then start the count again.

This simple exercise, if done consistently every day before starting to study, will give you enormous benefits in terms of concentration and relaxation … And therefore the ability to read quickly without losing content!

3) Rely on a Pen Trainer

The way of reading we were taught in school is wrong because it makes us pronounce the words, thus greatly slowing down our reading speed. A complete job to correct these “wrong habits” would require a lot of time and effort … But there is something you can do right away, which gives you immediate and above all gradually increasing results: use a Pen Trainer 😉

What is the Pen Trainer? It’s just any kind of pen, but you’ll use it to train your eye to read faster. How does it work? Each time you read, run your pen underneath the words a little faster than you would naturally feel. Nothing more, if you do not work hard to gradually increase your speed!

You will struggle at first and will certainly remember less information than you would remember using your normal reading speed. This is not a sign of “ineffectiveness” or your inability, it is simply a situation given by the fact that you are introducing a new habit that still does not give you confidence. But I tell you: have faith, try! You will see that after a few days this new way of reading will have become yours and you will be much faster and more effective during any reading.

In The End

I have been using this fast-reading technique for years now with benefits that have been more than satisfactory for me.

Now, if you only increase your speed by 30%, counting how much time you spend reading in your life, you will have gained several dozen free hours … Hours that you can maybe spend having fun 😉

Of course, in this article, you discovered how to “only” increase your reading speed by 30/40%… Not by 1000%… Forgive me? 😉

Now, however, go and practice! Because remember it doesn’t matter what you know, but what you do with what you know!

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