Razer Synapse Not Opening Easy Fix 2023

fix razer synapse not opening

Ways to fix Razer Synapse Not Opening will be discussed in this article. Razer Synapse is often a single configuration program published by Razer built to configure and customize Razer hardware sequence (keyboard macros, RGB lighting, DPI control, etc.). Formally, Synapse enables users to reconnect controls or allocate macros to most of their Razer peripheral devices and automatically stores all configurations on the server to their clients. Thus as users operate with current Razer peripheral devices, individuals could use their unique system settings from either the cloud storage without personalizing them one after the other.

Razer Synapse Not Opening Easy Fix 2023

In this article, you can know about Razer Synapse Not Opening Easy Fix 2023 here are the details below;

Cause of this Problem

Cause of this Problem

There are several potential causes for Razer Synapse to just not function; the simple program breaks down, obsolete driver, unreliable USB link, surround module intrusion, antivirus software detection, system compatibility problems, and so forth. And one person’s Synapse may not have been possible due to a few or more reasons.

Easy Solutions to fix this Error

As for various reasons, the answer is different. The preceding contents will sort the approaches into three classes.

Solution– 1: Relaunching the Razer Synapse

If it’s the very first time you have not started Synapse, or even if you think like you didn’t strictly adhere when you enable it might be your taps missed the icon), you may restart the program and access it more as an administrator.

Solution– 2: Check the USB Razer Peripherals Link

Go and inspect the Razer mouse, keyboard, respectively. USB wires to see if they’re not securely attached. If not, patch them or substitute new ones to resolve Razer Synapse, not an opening concern.

Solution– 3: Upgrade/Reinstall Razer System Driver

Check if your Razer complete hardware drivers remain fully updated or not. If this isn’t the case, update it. Also check Accounting Services

Phase– 1: If all this doesn’t fit, you might need a new setup of these drivers. A reinstall would also offer you the latest version of the system drivers.

Phase– 2: In the Desktop Management browser, in the menu icon, press “Device Manager.”

Phase– 3: Search and uninstall every driver for Razer devices. Instead, right-tap the driver and pick “Device Uninstall.” (Yes, select “Device Uninstall” just here)

Phase– 4: Detach all Razer devices from your Computer by taking off their USB cables.

Phase– 5: A few moments later, restart your Computer and reconnect all the files. And Windows can auto-install the system drivers.

Solution– 4: Reinstalling Razer Synapse

Reinstalling Razer Synapse

Switch to Apps & functions part of Windows Settings, search and disable Razer Synapse. Afterward, go via the online Razer Synapse website, download and activate the latest edition of Razer Synapse 3.

Solution– 5: Disable/Remove Razer Surround Modules

When you start a new installation of that same Razer Synapse mentioned in step 4, you cannot enable the surround package. After Synapse has to reinstall, log in to your Razer profile and then let Synapse access the internet.

Wait for Synapse to display the above display without any activity. So when you tap on the upper left email address, you will get two notifications of Synapse Update and Razer Surround. Tap “Razer Surround,” and then pick “Cancel.” So you can upgrade Synapse if the latest model is accessible. Finally, reboot the desktop from the Razer pop up message.

Once you currently have a Razer Surround Module enabled, disable it in Settings App from Applications and Features.

Solution– 6: End all the Razer Processes for Repairing Razer Synapse Not Opening issue

In the case of Razer Synapse 3.0 avoiding opening, several users have patched it by closing Razer operations before starting it.

Step– 1: Right-tap the Taskbar and select “Task Manager.”

Step– 2: Tap on one of the Razer processes and tap the “End task” button in the lower-left corner. Exit other Razer operations in the very same manner, then. You can close that one after the other.

Step– 3: In the end, operate Synapse with the administrator control.

Solution– 7: Check the compatibility of Synapse with the device

Typically, this approach can resolve Razer Synapse’s not-opening problem with Windows 7 / Windows 8.

Go over to “Synapse Properties” through Win 8, pick the “Compatibility” section, and run the Windows 8 OS software. The procedures for Windows 7 are identical. Then you’d have to access admin synapse despite running antivirus software.

Solution– 8: Build a New Profile Synapse

Yet another way to overcome Razer Synapse that is not beginning to be released is to build a new profile to sign in. That is indeed a temporary solution sought by the operator of the Synapse. He indicated that the service would not apply again for a period when the new account was used. Therefore you need to build another new account. He tells you that just after you create an account, ensure you export it to a folder. Then if you encounter the problem afterward later, all you require to do is build another new store and load the file, so you’re good to go.

Solution– 9: Download the latest framework for Microsoft.NET.

The NET framework is the required configuration of the Razer Synapse network. When there’s no NET structure, Synapse is not operating. However, an obsolete system can also lead to Synapse not being implemented. All in all, having the new edition of the NET Framework presently 4.8) is the ultimate solution.

Solution– 10: Switch off Windows Defender as well as Antivirus Firewall

These protection programs may consider Razer Synapse to be spyware and lock it. That can result in Synapse working again by suppressing antivirus software. About your specific third-party protection programs, just temporarily stop repairing the Razer Synapse Not Open problem on your own.

Phase– 1: Type “Control Panel” into the lower center search row and access the Search Engine results in the Control Center.

Phase– 2: Move down and access the Windows Protector Firewall window.

Phase– 3: In the left menu, press “Switch Windows Defender Firewall enabled or disabled.” Enable or disable Windows Defender Firewall

Phase– 4: Select “Disable Windows Defender Firewall” from both the private and open settings tab. Then, press the OK” button.

Note: Recall switching on Windows Defender Firewall upon running Razer Synapse effectively.


1. Could we use Razer items without Razer synapses?

Yeah, you could use it.

2. How am I going to open the Razer synapse?

Step– 1: Attach your Razer gadget to your desktop USB port.

Step– 2: Launch Razer Synapse once prompted* or import the installer through the website.

Step– 3: Sign up for a Razer Username or sign in to Synapse via an active account.

3. Does Razer Synapse act as spyware?

For that Synapse to be called spyware, that’s not the case. Razer’s subscription contract stipulates: “User Generated Information implies any information given access to Razer with the usage of the App. Razer might share information collected and individual data with other entities.


Thus if any of the above mentioned isn’t working in your case, you should try contacting the Razer customer service team. However, several people argued that it was pointless to rely on a customer service team. They’re not that professional, and they’re not finally going to fix the issue; you can take your chances when there’s no other option you can think of. Or keep looking for more solutions through Google. Good luck to you!

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