Safest Dishes To Use at Home: Lead And Cadmium Free Dinnerware Sets

Most dinnerware sets have cadmium and lead in them which is poisonous to health. Most of the colorful and antique designed dinnerware sets have been solely made on the basis of lead or cadmium. According to a survey conducted, one out of every ten dishes contained more than10.000 ppm of lead.

If you keep using these plates and bowls, lead will start flowing in your bloodstream. This is because lead does not get digested, and hence it will accumulate itself into a poison that slowly kills you.  This is why we bring do you an article that has lead and cadmium free dinner sets to protect your family and friends.

Why is it harmful?

Lead is mostly used in glazes that cover the dinnerware sets. It gives them a very distinct shine and protects them from being damaged. Cadmium is mostly used to make dishes brighter and colorful. Materials like china and china bone solely depend on lead and cadmium for exceptional designs and glazes. . These both toxic materials can be easily found in vintage china, Mexican terra cotta, Asian plates, and handcrafted dinnerware etcetera. The plain and white dishes are also not safe from this, even if they are very expensive.

Material to be used:


Glass has been considered to be nontoxic. Usually people store their food in glass bowls and dishes because it does not put any harm on the food itself. It is completely lead and cadmium free because no extra design is required over glass. The only toxic form of glass is leaded crystal. It is dangerous as it contains a large amount of toxic lead. Pouring and acidic drink into this glass will result in a reaction that might harm your insides. Other than glass, there are no completely safe materials. Hence, it is advised to check the list if substances used in dinnerware making.

The best lead and cadmium free dinnerware sets:

  • Corelle service

Corelle service gives one of the best dinnerware sets made in USA. This is a winter frost white set that comes with a total of 18 pieces. It is perfect for daily and occasional uses. There are six 10.25 inch dinner plates, six 6.75 inch appetizer plates and six 18 ounce soup bowls. This is basically one of the finest dinnerware made in America, because it is break and chip resistant. Accidental bumps and tumbling will not cause it to break into pieces. It is heat resistant, even in a microwave, dishwasher and oven. Another great thing about this lead and cadmium free dinnerware brand is that it enables the saving of space through stacking. It is very light and easy to carry. It is super strong and can withstand any pressure. it is highly chip resistant.

  • Amazon basics

If you are in search for lead and cadmium free dinnerware, amazon basics gives you exactly what you require. This is an AB-grade porcelain dinnerware which brings an elegant sense of contemporary style to the kitchen.  This whole 18-piece lead and cadmium free dinnerware made in usa includes six 10.5-inch dinner plates, six 8-inch salad plates and six 6.7-inch salad bowls.

The high grade porcelain promises durability and strength for a long period, and the easy handling is ensured by the light weightiness. This porcelain dinnerware made in usa is able to survive in the microwave and freezer, and it can withstand around 572 degrees F. another great thing about this crockery is that it can be easily washed in a dishwasher. The sleek, modern style is a take on improving the 1970s style with a trendy twist. The colors of this lead free dishes pops out over everything else in the décor with the strikingly white color. It is perfect for daily, as well as occasional use. It is backed by amazons 1 year warranty. It requires very easy maintenance. It is completely nontoxic as it is free from lead and cadmium.


In conclusion, it is essential to use nontoxic dinnerware sets to protect yourself from future health problems. If you don’t use it, the end might result in your death due to poison. Taking care of your health should always be a top priority.

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