Top 6 SearchPeopleFree Alternatives To Try Out

SearchPeopleFree Alternatives

Best SearchPeopleFree Alternatives To Try Out will be discussed in this article. SearchPeopleFree is a reliable website that is perfect for finding the individual you’re looking for. It is simple to use, and the majority of its previous and present users have given it favorable ratings and reviews. However, if you are only looking for websites that are similar to SearchPeopleFree or you do not like the way this site operates, we have provided a list of SearchPeopleFree competitors in the article below that function similarly but can look superior to

About SearchPeopleFree

A service called SearchPeopleFree allows you to look up people by providing you with just a few simple pieces of information. They transmit only genuine and reliable results. Therefore, you can locate the person you’re looking for by just inputting their name, address, email address, phone number, or other details.

However, if you only know the person’s name and phone number, you may input these facts to and instantly retrieve all of their information with just one click. On its servers, the app has more than 700 million users. You are not charged to look for people.

Top 6 SearchPeopleFree Alternatives To Try Out

In this article, you can know about SearchPeopleFree Alternatives here are the details below;

1. TruePeopleSearch


One of the greatest SearchPeoplFree alternatives, True People Search, has millions of people’s records stored on its servers. This website is used by over 1 million people to look for missing friends, family members, and other loved ones as well as to learn more about other people. The information stored on the servers of comes from reliable sources and is reliable. It is simple to use, and with only one click, the data will show on your screen. There is no cap on how many times you can search for a person or people in a day or at once with the software’s free services.

Key Takeaways

  • The address lookup function will provide you with the correct address for the person whose name you have entered. Unless there is a bug or issue with the network connection, the results will often appear as soon as you touch the search button.
  • The website is accessible on any device that you feel comfortable using. Every device, including a MacBook, PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone, can use the TruePeopleSearch website.
  • You pay nothing to use the website and make an infinite number of searches.

Pros and cons:

  • You have access to download geographically limited software.
  • Users may simply find the person on the website because to its user-friendly design.
  • When looking for someone, the website is a reliable resource.
  • You won’t have complete access to the person’s information on the website.
  • Alternatives to FastPeopleSearch for people searching

2. FastPeopleSearch


FastPeopleSearch is a website that aids in people search, much like The FastPeopleSearch website can be of assistance to you if you’ve lost touch with any of your friends or family members or if you just want to learn more about someone. Also check Ablo Alternatives

It offers several features, such as the ability to search up the phone number that called you back using a reverse phone lookup facility. In addition to the phone number, you can browse for more information and add your own content to help the algorithm discover the person you’re looking for.

Key Takeaways

  • The webpage is accessible without charge. After or before looking for a place, they are free of charge.
  • The number of times you can choose to search is not restricted. The website can be used an infinite number of times in a given time frame.
  • The website provides you with information from its servers, which are stocked with data from reputable and legal sources.
  • The website does not require any registration or login in order to continue with the search process.

Pros and Cons

  • If you want to find out the person’s basic details, the website is free to use.
  • As long as you have a nicely functioning device and a strong network connection, it is user-friendly and functions perfectly.
  • You must choose subscription plans that cost between $13 and $30 if you want to access the person’s whole profile.

3. Spokeo


Another well-known SearchPeopleFree substitute is Spokeo, which compiles information on the person you’re looking for from reliable online sources. It provides a useful collection of tools for discovering accurate details about the user. The individual can be located using their name, email, address, phone number, or email ID. So if you need to, look up a friend, a family member, or other coworkers. This is another SearchPeopleFree Alternatives. Also check iFunbox Alternatives¬†

Key Takeaways

  • You can get the person’s name, location history, property details, and phone number with the use of their location and contact data feature.
  • You can perform a complete background investigation by looking up the person’s contacts, family members, and social media accounts.
  • Access to the person’s public documents, including their birth and death certificates, court records, and criminal histories, is possible.

Pros and Cons

  • It has a mobile app and is simple to manage.
  • Users’ problems and bugs on the website and the app are quickly fixed by the website.
  • Collects information from billions of reliable sources to get accurate findings.
  • It is only accessible within the US.

4. PeopleFinders


You can quickly find information about people with the use of PeopleFinders. Anyone’s background can be investigated with the aid of information from your end. Therefore, whether you provide them your name, address, or phone number, they will receive the basic information about you that is stored on their servers. If you want to know the person’s current address and working phone number, this is the best option. The majority of the time, the website runs without a hitch, and, as promised, it gives you its truthful results in almost any time. This is another SearchPeopleFree Alternatives.

Key Takeaways

  • It is reliable and produces precise results.
  • You will receive precise results in seconds, not hours or minutes.
  • You can access the website for free assistance in learning the fundamentals about the person.

Pros and Cons

  • Within a short time, look for the person.
  • You don’t need to be aware of the person’s name; just their phone number or address will do.
  • The person’s employment history and list of social media profiles are not included in the data list.

5. TruthFinders


Find your long-lost closest friend, relative, or other family member that you lost contact with years ago. TruthFinder advises you to do this. Their cutting-edge software enables you to get fundamental details about anyone. Given its ease of use and short processing time for truthful results, TruthFinders is regarded as one of the top SearchPeopleFree alternatives. Hence, it is a reliable platform for meeting people. This is another SearchPeopleFree Alternatives.

Key Takeaways

  • The information displayed on the screen is correct, entirely true, and well-structured.
  • Additionally, it offers a list of information about the person’s educational background, criminal record, and military service.

Pros and Cons

  • A trustworthy search engine for finding anyone.
  • Gives you information on addiction and the person’s reality.
  • You must pay for the right to download a copy of the data displayed on the screen.
  • In order to conduct limitless searches in a month, you must purchase a monthly subscription option.

6. USPhonebook


One of the best SearchPeopleFree resources available to US citizens is Usphonebook. You can use it to look for phone numbers of people residing in US territory. USphonebook specializes in locating the owner of the phone number that called you. USPhonebook is the finest option if you wish to locate people using their phone numbers. It’s convenient to use and accessible through a variety of devices. This is another SearchPeopleFree Alternatives.

Key Takeaways

  • Enables you to determine the name and identity of the unknown number you received a call from in order to ban it if it is just spam or an obtrusive call.
  • Utilize their reverse phone lookup service to get the caller’s name.
  • Obtain the caller’s address so you can add it to your contacts.

Pros and Cons

  • The USphonebook is a reliable source.
  • The website’s functionality is straightforward.
  • Anyone can request to have their information removed from the website. In this way, if you later look for that person, you won’t be able to locate any information.


The list of SearchPeopleFree alternatives above does not contain all of the free people-search websites, but it does contain all of the dependable and stable services. Therefore, the websites described above are the finest if you want to search or examine someone’s background.

Questions and Answers

Where can I conduct an address search for nothing at all?

Address lookup is offered completely free of charge by If you want to look for someone online using their name, phone number, or other basic personal information, the website is well-organized.

Which websites offer free address lookup?

Some of the greatest websites for free address lookups are Spokeo TruthFinder, Intelieu, and TruePeopleSearch. These are reputable, well-known websites that provide precise results quickly. Although they are not completely free, they work well and come highly recommended.

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