Self-inspection is necessary

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Self-inspection will test the emptiness of the work. The whole hindmost of the success of the word is in action. If you do not speak, speak a little but get involved in the work. You will see in a few days that people are coming towards you without saying it. So say less, please more. Because the effect of speaking will be transient and the effect of the work is permanent.

Love is such a great power that helps in moving forward in every direction can’t change the thoughts of anyone without love. Thoughts- Argument is not the creation of argument. Ideas and beliefs are made from the sublimation of multiples. The result of the association of more time is love. Therefore thought is the subject of thought or belief love.

If we want to conquer the others and excite them in our ideology, change their attitude and want to convey our point of view, then we should take care of love. Logic and wisdom cannot move us forward. Believe that your love and empathy will force the world to listen to all things.
We force others to work according to their own beliefs, opinions, temperament, and rules and live their lives. Improving the others, improving your idea or attitude does not improve, nor do you feel happy.

If we suppress such a person, then surely our advancement will become indirectly. Such a person is obstructing our progress. This makes us angry, accuses us, makes defamation. Therefore, we must first stop our antagonist by not seeing our advancement – assuming such a thing and treating others as the reason for their failures is delusional.

When old sad memories are conscious in mind, it is worth mentioning in them. It is necessary to forget the unpleasant things. It is as important as forgetting the good thing. If you want to be healthy with your body, mind and conduct then forget all the things of unhealthiness.Suppose someone ‘hurt yourself’ has hurt you, your heart is hurt, so will you continue to worry about it.

All the great men of the world are in the beginning, a person of ordinary category, abilities. Even so, he did not allow his approach towards inferiority, and did not let frustration go away. On the strength of self-confidence and unremitting perseverance, the steps went on growing. In adverse circumstances, they did not get disturbed by the goal. Despite being insignificant with means and worthlessness, by offering sacrifice of their lives in the service of country, religion, society and humanity, they presented examples in front of the society and provided direction to the strong people.

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