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You’ve probably used a shoppable video already, perhaps in an advertisement or on social platforms like Instagram stories. Shoppable videos have fast become a popular form of interactive marketing that has seen a boost in eCommerce. Want to know how to improve your eCommerce by using shoppable videos? You’ve come to the right place. But before we start, remember to give your eCommerce website a great starting chance with a top-quality website hosting service. No matter how good your marketing is, slow website loading times is the biggest deterrent for customers, MangoMatter Media has a good list for hosting providers so if you’re due to renew your subscription, take a look at getting an upgrade.

Ways you can incorporate shoppable videos into your business

Shoppable videos are pretty fluid when it comes to platforms. Whether you use it on your website or on your social platforms, it can drastically change the way customers engage with your eCommerce site and make purchases from you when used in the right way.

Social Media 

If you have a decent following, shoppable videos are something you should definitely be doing. On Instagram stories you can use the “Swipe Up” link function, linking stories to specific products on your website and it costs nothing at all. However, if you want to ramp up your reach, you can opt for paid campaigns on Instagram, Facebook or even Snapchat.

The benefit shoppable videos on social media are utilising the platform you already have, even without using paid ads, you can engage your followers with your products and make sales, all with one click from one platform to your website.

This method will also provide you with data and insights into how your followers and other users interact with your videos, so you can see how many views and clicks you garner compared to the number of sales you make when cross-referenced with your site analytics. This data can be crucially valuable when running campaigns.

Embed into your website 

In today’s tech world, users can easily set interactive touchpoints in any video or image, a common example of this is YouTube videos when you’re offered the chance to click on a new video or go to another URL during or at the end of a video, that is a set touchpoint. With this technology alone the possibilities are limitless but one way to make a direct impact is to embed these videos straight into your website.

For example, say you have a new fashion line and you want to showcase these products at the forefront of your website. You could create a promo video with and with each new model or outfit you might have a “Buy this” button at certain points in the promo. This is not only a more engaging way to market your new line than simply using images but, it also means that potential customers can quickly go to that product page and make their purchase.

Embedding shoppable videos into your website makes shopping easier and more efficient for potential customers, it also offers a more interactive shopping experience for customers and overall improves your UX. Some of the largest eCommerce brands are already using shoppable videos and you shouldn’t be waiting around to get started on using them too. Easy integration means that you can seriously creative with your videos increase your interactivity and incorporate this tool into your sales funnel plan.

Not Just For eCommerce

Interactive videos are being used in multiple ways, whether through marketing or to capture information, nothing it beyond the scope of your imagination.

Here is a list of software providers you can use to create your interactive videos and their key features:


  • Social media campaigns
  • Supports online affiliates
  • Provides optimised data


Videotier offers a free version with limits of 3 videos and 500 views per month.

Premium package costs £99 per month with space for 100 videos and 10,000 per month, advanced analytics and priority email support.


  • Create shop-the-look videos
  • Add “add to basket links” in your videos
  • Link your product database
  • Pop-up frames in videos
  • Capture newsletter subscriptions in video.

Spott runs on credits, so you only pay per video click which is prices at €0.20, like a Facebook ad, you simply choose your limit, credit that to your campaign and only pay for what you use.


  • Bespoke video player templates to match your website
  • Multi-language and currency
  • Fully responsive on mobile, desktop and tablets

They also provide analytical data including:

  • Total views
  • Completed views
  • Total clicks on tags in the video
  • Total click-throughs
  • Total of conversations

Get in touch with Smartzer for prices.

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