Simple Steps to Become an Event Photographer


Now is not the day and age where the only place to store images is the mind. Picturing weddings, parties, or any other kind of personal or corporate event without actually taking a picture of it is unthinkable. In fact, there are professionals exclusively involved behind the lens in giving events a new dimension with their photography skills. The humble event photographer may work behind the scenes, but their works-of-art remain etched with many individuals as trophies and loving memories.

What once was a mere leisure activity has today become a full-blown career. Those aspiring to become successful event photographers of the future can do so by following these simple steps.

  1. Learning from the experts

The very first step towards becoming a successful event photographer is to get oneself enrolled for a professional course from a reputed institution. This is because there is a difference, no matter how slight, between clicking pictures as a hobby and doing the same as a professional. Such courses will prep students with a thorough understanding of what needs to be done before, during, and after the event. Moreover, besides learning the ins and outs of event photography, students will most importantly understand the best way to stand out from the crowd and market their services to the right people.

With Pearl Academy’s Wedding & Events Photography course, anyone can become a high-profile professional wedding and events photographer. There are many advantages of learning event photographer course with Pearl Academy; the topmost of them being students will receive a 360-degree learning experience on the nuts and bolts of event photography at the hands of award-winning event photographers.

  1. Volunteering

For people who don’t already have someone holding the door open for them, it can be challenging to get into the event photography business. Volunteering at photograph events one might already be attending can be an excellent place to start. Another option is to reach out to small, local businesses that might not have the budget to hire a professional photographer.  The good thing about not getting paid for the gig is that one can practice and try out new things – allowing one’s imagination to stretch also builds up confidence.

  1. Assisting an experienced professional

Getting to work for an established photographer can be extremely helpful. Like any other activity, photography can be best learnt by constant practice, especially that under expert guidance. By observing and assisting a seasoned event photographer, beginners could learn not just the use of professional photographic equipment and major tips and tricks of the trade, but they will also get a foretaste of how a professional work environment is like and what its many demands are like.

  1. Setting up a pricing model & a standardized contract

Another perk of working under a professional is learning about how they charge for events and how their contracts are worded. Someone new to the business would naturally have to charge less than the other players who already have some goodwill. But these prices can gradually go up as one gets more work and builds a strong portfolio. Also, a standardized contract should be drafted, making sure it covers the following points –

  • Deposit fee/payment structure
  • Start & end time of the event
  • Specific moments/people to photograph or not to photograph
  • Mode of delivery – printed or digital images
  • Cancellation clause
  1. Leveraging the power of the internet

Setting up accounts on social media and hosting a website to showcase previous work can play an instrumental role in attracting new clients. The website should have all the necessary information, including pricing and contact details. All social media accounts should be linked to the website and vice versa. Clients may tag the photographer in images snapped by them during events to enhance credibility and expand outreach. All these in tandem will help in getting the word out, ultimately setting the domino effect in motion, wherein more and more clients start pouring in from all directions.

For those who just need a premium camera in their hands to work their magic and vow their audience, the arena of event photography is definitely one worth exploring.

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