Snap Chat as The New Camera Application!

Snap Chat

If you haven’t heard about snap chat till date and were too busy with the Agen poker, then don’t worry we are going to talk all about snap chatting today and after reading today’s article, you will start using snap chat for sure as it is said to be one of the most important applications of the modern age and technology. Today there are millions of people that have shifted their attention to snap chat and have left all the other social media tools behind. Now you must be thinking how the hell is this app so attractive to use so let us talk about it in details below! Just read the article till the end for complete details!

Features of Snap Chat Application!

the snap chat application was launched in the late 2013 and was accepted by a lot of people from the very beginning because of its amazing features, and now we will discuss all the important features of snap chat!

Featured Animations in Built-In Camera!

You must have edited your pictures with a lot of animations by using third party applications after taking a picture with your conventional camera, but this is not the case with snap chat! The snap chat is capable of capturing pictures by setting animations according to your face style. You can easily use from more than a dozens of default animation features in the camera application.

Now, these animations keep on changing from time to time, and you can always look for new animations every other week. Actually, the selection of animation is made according to the sue and acceptance of the snap chat users, for instance, the doggy filter is there on snap chat from the very beginning and is still there to be used by users.

Texting and Video Chatting!

Just like other social media and communication apps, especially like WhatsApp, the snapchat also words as a communication app for the users. You can chat with your buddies and can also call them using the video chat feature. now the best part is you can also use the filters while using the video call feature and this is what the app is loved for.

There is, however, one advantage or disadvantage whatever you like to call it! You cannot keep a record of the chat on snap chat as snapchat policies don’t allow the app to save your chat or to even take screenshots without mentioning it to the other party. So you must be careful when using the chat box of snap chat!

Adding Snap Buddies!

You can easily add snap buddies on your list by searching for people who use the snap chat in your contact list or who are added on your other social media pages. People can also send add you as their business. This actually works on the same principle of following on Instagram. You can add and be added by people who use snap chat from around the world by just searching for their usernames!

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