Social Media Marketing Trends for 2020


At the present times if one observes people are addicted to social media. Everyone is hooked to their mobile phones and browsing through their social media account. Looking at this growing addiction towards social media, companies have found an excellent opportunity to cash in this addiction by promoting their products and services to the people. The days where social media was used to connect with friends and have communication is getting replaced as a valuable medium for marketing. Businesses have profited through social media marketing, especially small businesses who cannot afford big advertising agencies. Social Media is playing an essential tool in the field of marketing. Few of the marketing trends and SEO tips for this year which businesses should be aware of are given below.

 Marketing through Video would continue to be a rise.

Even though this trend already exists but video content would be a big part of social media marketing. People tend to remember things which they have seen more than what they have read. Most of us go and watch a YouTube video tutorial in case we want to know how to operate the new phone and know about its features rather than reading about it in the manual which has been provided with it.

 Augmented reality will be used extensively by the brands.

Augmented reality combines the real world with the virtual world and gives out the information. The information which is given out is very topical and significant to what one has to do or know. Many companies are using social media platform for marketing their products through augmented reality. Facebook has been a regular platform for augmented reality usage for many cosmetics brands. The augmented reality in Facebook indulges its users in trying on the sample makeups and accessories digitally. This helps the user to know how it will look on them before they finally buy the product.

 Influencer market will increase the visibility of the brand and content

Another one of the SEO tips to increase the visibility is to take the help of an influencer. Influencer marketing is in high demand and the demand for it will be rising in the coming future. Collaborating with these influencers will help in the site ranking, as when they create content, the influencer will link the website. By sharing the website link, the followers of the influencers will be sharing the link as well, thus increasing the popularity of the website. Many businesses collaborate with social media influencers to promote their products as well. The use of influencers has proved to increase the sales of the products considerably.

 The user-generated content game will be strong

One of the popular social media marketing trends, which will gain more momentum this year would be the user-generated content that is uploaded in social media platforms. Many brands are encouraging the users to upload the photos or videos or upload a tweet about the product they have used and request them to tag the product or the company. The content uploaded by the users are considered more authentic, and hence it helps the brand to look trustworthy, which boost the brand image a lot. Users sharing the content on any of the social media platforms helps in increasing the engagement and more people visit the website.

 The popularity of Short duration content will be explored more

Snapchat started the trend of uploading short-duration content. These content which is uploaded will be in their social media account for a short duration then it disappears, this type of content is also known as Ephemeral Content. After Snapchat set the trend other social media platform like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube also followed suit. The stories or these short content helps the brand to increase the awareness amongst their customers. If one sees the trend with the brands, every brand uploads its story regularly in all the available social media platform that itself is proof this media of marketing is getting more popular every passing day.

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