Some Important Facts of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Yellow Sapphire

Being a gem from the mineral corundum family, Pukhraj or yellow sapphire shares its structure and composition with rubies and blue sapphires. This precious and stunning gemstone is found in striking colors of orange, yellow, and golden. The best quality Pukhraj stone comes in bright canary yellow color.

Since yellow sapphire is the mineral stone, it contains traces of aluminum and florin in it. If you are contemplating to buy this gemstone for jewelry or astrological purposes, dig in here to know some interesting facts about it.

Yellow Sapphire is Associated with Jupiter

As far as astrological properties matter, yellow sapphire brings many invaluable benefits to its wearer. One of Yellow Sapphire astrological benefits is that it promotes good fortune and financial abundance. The gemstone is associated with the strong planet of Jupiter or guru which makes it an influential element of nature.

Since Jupiter is known to overturn the fortunes, wearing Pukhraj can manifest the powers of this planet in your life. As a result, you may experience unforeseen success and honor in your endeavors.

Vivid Colors

Due to its chemical composition that varies from one stone to another, yellow sapphire comes in a huge spectrum of shades. You can buy these gemstones in natural pastels or deep yellow golden color.

Choose a color you like the most. But, if you are looking to wear Pukhraj ratna for astrological benefits, buy medium canary yellow shade that synthesizes the true energies and mystical powers of this gemstone to benefit your life.

Eye-Clean Visibility

Pukhraj has a Perfection Grade of Clarity like other sapphires. This means the stone has eye clean visibility when viewed with bare eyes. There are no visible inclusions or flaws on the surface of Pukhraj stone. Typically, the flaws in this gemstone occur as fine feathers or fingerprints.

If these inclusions aren’t visible to your eyes, you can buy the gemstone for any astrological purpose. Some sellers use heat treatments in a lab to remove the flaws or inclusions from the stone. Do not buy such stones as they lose their natural energies during these chemical processes.

Cut of the Stone Matters in the Valuation

The sparkle and illumination of a pure gemstone is largely affected by its cut. Any stone with a poor cut looks dull and carries minimum value. Hence, you should prefer buying Pukhraj that has a perfect cut highlighting all the facets of its surface. Also, it should allow the lights and colors to shine through the gemstone when placed at the best viewing angles.

Pukhraj is a Rare Gemstone

The best-quality of Pukhraj gemstone comes in a canary yellow color which is extremely rare in its existence. If you go through the history of this gemstone and its mining, you’ll find that dealers resorted to heat treatment of pale-yellow sapphires to enrich their colors to a deeper shade.

These stones are nothing but a cheap imitation that carries none of the astrological benefits and innate natural beauty of Pukhraj. They lack both the powers and integrity of a pure stone. Even if such stones are available at low prices, you should refrain from buying them.

Unique Composition

Like all other types of sapphires, yellow sapphire or Pukhraj ratna belongs to the mineral family of corundum. The traces of iron give it the unique yellow color. These stones are durable due to the hardness rating of 9 on the Moh’s scale. It is second only to the diamonds which are the hardest mineral on earth.

A Wonderful Birthstone

Being a representative of planet Jupiter, yellow sapphire is a harbinger of prosperity and wealth. This gemstone is preferred as both an anniversary stone and a birthstone. Pukhraj is the September birthstone which is also considered ideal for 5th and 45th anniversaries.

It represents the zodiac sign of Virgo in the planetary charts. It is advisable to seek recommendation from an expert astrologer before wearing a precious astrological gemstone like yellow sapphire.

Needs a Proper Procedure for Wearing

When you seek to maximize the astrological impact of a gemstone, you ought to wear it the right way. Every stone has a unique aura which is awakened by some Vedic procedures and rituals. The process includes activation of energies stored within the gemstone. It also includes purification that removes impressions of hands that have touched the gemstone before it reaches you.

If you want to wear it in the form of a ring, place the ring in a metal bowl filled with clarified butter, Gangajal, Indian basil leaves, raw cow’s milk, and honey. After cleansing the ring in this bowl, the process of activation begins to energize the powers of yellow sapphire with a mantra.

On completion of these procedures, you can wear the ring in the index finger of your working hand.

Ceylon is the Leading Producer

Yellow sapphire is mostly mined in countries like Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, and Sri Lanka. While every source has its unique impact on the composition and quality of the stone, the best types of Pukhraj are found in Ceylonese or Sri Lankan mines. These stones have a stunning color, rarity, clarity, and density expected from the Pukhraj.

Though their prices are high, the beauty and powers integrated into the stone are totally worth it. The stones found in the mines of Thailand and Madagascar is the lowest quality yellow sapphires due to high inclusions and poor coloring.

Prices Are Typically High

Being a precious and rare gemstone, yellow sapphire carries a higher price tag as well. Depending on the size, clarity, and overall quality of the stone, Pukhraj price may vary. But you need to be cautious before laying your money on a stone that may be heat treated and lacks the original properties.

Many fake sellers claim to offer high-quality stones at rock bottom prices. This is a hoax that you should avoid at all costs. Check the authenticity of the stone and its seller before buying a Pukhraj. Ask for a lab certificate that proves this point. Remember, a reliable gem seller like Gempundit will offer a lab certificate from a recognized gemology lab at no cost at all.

So, these are some interesting and important facts about yellow sapphire stone. If you want to know more about the stone before buying it, don’t hesitate to ask the seller to answer all the queries you have.

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