Starting Young: Helping Your Child Start Their eCommerce Business

Starting Young: Helping Your Child Start Their eCommerce Business

Many young children have great business ideas. It starts with believing in them, but it also starts with upbringing and assistance. You can leave most of the work to your children, such as the research and coming up with the business plan, but most of what you have to do is help with the logistics of starting an eCommerce business.

Getting the Pitch Right

One thing you could do to help children is to show them how to find investors who will believe in their product or service.

A child who is interested in business may have a good nest egg. The kid has probably saved some allowance or did a little work for friends or family members to earn some startup cash, but that doesn’t mean additional capital isn’t needed. Go ahead and make it official by offering to meet with people you know who could invest in your child’s business idea.

This will help your child figure out how to explain this concept to others and how to get others excited about the endeavor. If your child can impress others and get investors, some of the initial costs of opening an eCommerce site may be covered, like getting a reliable eCommerce page builder.

Get Into the Details

As much as you want this to be all of your child’s doing, it can’t be. You don’t have to hold your child’s hand throughout the process, but it’s important to keep a watchful eye on everything that has to be done depending on the business your child’s trying to set up.

Inform yourself as much as possible on the subject. Learn the laws that must be followed, the licenses that must be obtained, and everything else you can think of. Your child might know all this and might not miss a thing, so maybe he or she won’t need your guidance, but if your kid misses something, you’ll be there to catch that small detail.

Now, the fact that you’ve done some research doesn’t mean you shouldn’t encourage your child to work with a professional who can help them set up everything. A lot of companies specialize in facilitating the opening of an eCommerce business, so make sure your child works with these folks to avoid missing details you might have missed.

Establishing the Backbone

Your kid is the idea person. There’s no doubt about that, but to start an eCommerce site, you also need to worry about establishing a backbone that’s going to help sustain your child’s business. The backbone being the site itself.

Ideally, your child can use a free platform to reduce overhead, like WordPress. This company has all the tools your child will need to bring the business to life, like their collection of plugins, such as WordPress form plugin that should make it easier for your child to obtain customer data.

The company even offers good email management tools to help your child manage the customer contact information that is collected. This company has a number of experts who can help guide you and your child while you’re trying to set up this site.

Making sure the page works well and is attractive to visitors is vital. Without an easy-to-understand site, your child’s business idea might not translate well, and that won’t be good for the business.

You want to make sure the following is taken care of:

  • Find the right domain.
  • Get a good hosting plan.
  • Choose a high-quality theme.
  • Consider working with site designers.
  • Select payment options.
  • Decide on third-party assistance.

Work with a Mentor

There’s only so much you can do for your child. Sometimes, it’s best to leave the rest to a professional but not just any professional. You want to find a mentor. You need someone who understands the eCommerce world. There are a lot of successful eCommerce business people out there. You’re bound to find one that’s willing to help your child out and guide him or her through this phase of life.

Starting a business from scratch won’t be easy. Sure, setting it up and learning about the business is going to be challenging, but it goes beyond that. The responsibility, the heartbreak, the stress, and everything else your child might face is going to be challenging. A mentor will not only help prepare your child for all that but will also help your kid see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What you have to keep in mind is that even adult business people suffer from all types of stress, and you don’t want your child to go through that. Having a mentor helps ease that stress a bit, and that’s going to help your child take this idea and make it flourish. Besides, it’ll also give you peace of mind knowing that someone capable is helping your child navigate this world, and that’s priceless, too.

These are some steps you can take to try to help your child open up a business. Talk to your kid about what he or she wants from you. Your kid will let you know where help is needed. Listen to your children, and that should help you figure out what more you can do to support their ambitions.

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