Starting Your Essay from Scratch: How to Succeed in Writing

Essay from Scratch

The most difficult thing about writing essays is usually the start of the process. You may have all the material one can dream of, but creating a paper from scratch will still seem a challenge. This is a basic concern for those new to academic writing, but fortunately, there are a lot of tips that will help.

Research Your Topic Thoroughly

One of the issues with starting your assignment is the lack of information on the topic. It’s better if you have more than you will eventually need. Let’s agree that it’s easier to choose one more rational argument from, say, three, than try and expand your paper repeating one same fact.

Here are some sources to expand your research upon:

  • Subject-specific news websites;
  • Library books and reviewed academic works;
  • Official websites of organizations you plan to mention;
  • Governmental sources, etc.

Make Notes All the Way

Ingenious ideas may leave your head as quickly as they enter. Make sure you note every thought while collecting evidence for your thesis. Nowadays it’s easy to highlight stuff both on paper and digitally, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Here’s a tip: create a document on your smartphone or take a notepad and a pen everywhere you go. You never know when a brilliant idea might hit your head. Don’t underestimate writing down things rather than trying to memorize them. Your notes will later become the main part of your thesis support.

Create an Outline That Will Guide You

Time to structure all the hard work you’ve done. There are two main ways to get a good plan:

  • Writing a classic outline;
  • Creating a diagram.

The first one is for those who are more or less sure about what their paper will look like. Even so, make it detailed yet easy-to-get, change it until it’s so good you can use it to guide yourself while writing the paper.

The second one is for those who struggle with planning essays. It’s like those mind maps we all used to do at school. You write your topic in the middle of the page and draw lines around it, one for every part of your future work. Change the structure until you’re satisfied, then put it down as a list.

Ask Professionals for Help

In case all this is way too overwhelming but you still need an A+, there are online ‘write my essay for me’ services that will cover you. It’s OK to ask friends and family for help, but it’s always better to turn to a real specialist. The Internet is full of websites where pros help students get better grades and learn how to create excellent essays.

It’s crucial that you check the service or the writer before giving them your topic, materials (if any), and money. Here are some recommendations on how to know the service is good:

  • Check reviews on independent websites;
  • Don’t go too cheap;
  • Ask their customer support all the questions you want and see how they answer;
  • Check the guarantees they provide;
  • Make sure they have free revisions;
  • Ask if they can provide you a direct contact with your writer.

Try Different Techniques

In case you have decided to go all the way without professional help, you can try something different from standard writing techniques. If general plan works out, good for you, but some students might need a different approach. Later on, you may develop some techniques of your own, but check these out first.

Start with the Main Body

As ridiculous as it sounds, finishing the main body first will help you write a perfect introduction and conclusion parts.

You’ll be able to get the reader into your paper more smoothly and organically. In the same way, you will guide them out of the paper with an organic closing that fully proves your thesis and leaves no hanging threads.

Cut the Tops and Tails

In every part of your paper, there’s a small intro and a closing. To ensure there’s no redundant and/or repetitive text, try cutting the beginning and the end. Then see if the paragraph loses any important info. Sometimes this method can bring clarity into a twisted and overcomplicated essay.

Double-Check and Triple-Check

No matter whether you choose to use help or write the whole paper yourself, you will need to check it several times. A great tip is to take a couple of days for that.

Here’s a step-to-step:

  1. Read your paper out loud, focusing on each part, and edit it;
  2. Read it again;
  3. Use special websites to check for plagiarism and grammar/punctuation/etc. mistakes;
  4. Edit the paper, read it quickly, and leave it till the next day;
  5. Repeat steps 1 and 2 the next day.

Making Essay Writing More Fun and Interesting

These recommendations will help you make the process of essay writing more enjoyable. Academic tasks can be overwhelming, but think of them as chances to learn something new. The subjects you study will help in your career, and proper writing skills will add a lot of points to your grades.

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