Tasty Snack Gift Basket Ideas in Canada


A gift basket full of delicious snacks up to the brim is the ultimate gift suitable for any occasion. Whether it’s to commemorate a special event, an important holiday, or celebrate life itself, giving a gift basket is always a good idea to delight your special someone, family, and friends. Choose from these delish suggestions and start buying or making the gift basket that your recipient will surely love.

Fruit dipped cone snack bundle

Packed with crisp fruit cones dipped in decadent white chocolates or sweet dark ones, this tasty snack basket is perfect for school events, office parties, or post-game gatherings. You can choose from many fruit kinds like bananas, strawberries, and kiwis.

Luxury snacks

An elegant wicker basket or metallic tray filled with premium and luxurious snacks like gourmet biscuits and cheese spread, almonds, cashew, and pistachio nuts, biscotti, truffles, butter pretzels, and fruit candies is everyone’s dream snack. Complete it with a bottle of Merlot wine, and it’s more than perfect.

Delicious Fruit Bouquets

A great get-well-soon or congratulatory gift, a fruit bouquet is made of intricately cut and designed fresh fruits. It is not only delicious but a lovely sight, too.

Junk Food Junkie

A basket filled with candies and treats will make anyone happy indeed. Check out the box of savory popcorn, Reese’s mini cups, Combos baked snacks, Jelly Beans, M&M’s milky chocolates, and many more that is beautifully curated by Online Gifts Canada.

Healthy and Delicious Package

Sending your children some genuine love while they are away for camp or college is possible with this care package. Nuts, veggie snacks, granola bars, and so much more are bundled in this box. You are then assured that they are eating something good and healthy even when they are miles from home.

Crave box

You can come up with an ultimate sampler box for your best friend or college buddy’s late night or unique cravings. Buy sweet, salty, and savory goodies in smaller packaging and arrange them all in a basket or jar.

Homemade goodies

No gift basket is more personal and touching than a box or can filled with something that you made yourself. Bake some cookies, cupcakes, or brownies. Be creative by adding mint, fruit, or nuts to your cookies or using pastel or lively colors for your cupcakes’ icings.

Graze box

This is the new gift basket trend that the Millenials surely love. You can curate your own graze box using premium cheeses, fruits, nuts, and biscuits, or you can buy them from the specialty shops in your area. There are even online businesses offering subscription graze boxes that you can get delivered to your mom or sister once a month.

Peanut snack sampler

A gift basket with several small tins of various peanuts is a unique and tasty idea that no one can resist. Find almonds, peanuts, cashew, pistachio, and walnuts that come in different flavors like original, salted, lemon, smoky habanero chili lime, bacon maple, and many more.

Sweet and savory chocolates

You can never go wrong with a box or basket of chocolates. Aside from the favorites like M&Ms, Crunch, Snickers, and Twix, add some luxurious ones that cannot be bought from the regular supermarket like truffles, ganache, and pralines.

When you want to show your appreciation and some love for a holiday or other special events, send a snack gift basket. Your gift recipient is sure to recognize your kind effort and sweet gesture.

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