Top 5 Best Tax Preparation Services In 2022

tax preparation services
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Best Tax Preparation Services will be described in this article. The simplest approach to file taxes is to have someone else do the arithmetic and paperwork for you, even if many Americans opt to do their own using tax preparation software (or manually).

Tax preparation services are frequently more expensive than do-it-yourself choices, but hiring a tax prep professional may be a wise move if your taxes are particularly complicated.

Based on reputation, pricing, available services, and other factors, we examined 11 tax preparation firms to identify the top five.

Top 5 Best Tax Preparation Services In 2022

Top 5 Best Tax Preparation Services are explained here.

1. H&R Block

H&R Block

Due to its extensive branch network and wide range of affordable tax preparation alternatives, H&R Block is our choice for the finest overall tax preparation service.

Possibility of drop-off, in-person, or online tax preparation services

Select from 11,000 places.

Pricing for a basic federal return begins at $80 and there is an additional fee for state filing that is not revealed.


For some filers with complex taxes, more costs per form may result in higher charges.

Not every preparer is a CPA.

Because of its size and dependability, H&R Block, a well-known company in tax preparation, has earned our top rank.

Three full-service tax preparation options are available from H&R Block in addition to the software that allows you to file your taxes on your own.

H&R Block helped prepare 21.2 million tax returns between May 1, 2019, and July 17, 2020, or roughly one in every seven tax returns in the US.

Either at one of the 11,000 H&R Block retail stores nationwide, or online starting in January 2021, you can file your taxes. Also check Best US Resume Writing Services

You have two choices for tax preparation done at an H&R Block location.

The first is an in-person tax preparation service where you wait for your return with a tax expert from a nearby office while you sit in the post (or at residence on a computer).

The second choice is a drop-off service, in which you leave your stack of tax-related paperwork, everything is computed on the appropriate forms, and you return to sign the final documents.

Pricing for basic returns in both situations starts at $80 plus an additional fee per state.

You can upload all of your paperwork with a more recent option for a fully online tax preparation experience.

This entails that you can receive all of an H&R Block representative’s services without having to visit an office.

It is our top choice because it offers a lot of locations, different tax preparation alternatives, and affordable pricing.

2. Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt is the greatest tax preparation company for ease of use since it offers three simple options to do your tariffs with a professional through a Jackson Hewitt office (many of which are located in Walmart stores) or online.

Advantages 6,000 office locations, 3,000 of them are inside Walmart shops.

Support for both appointments and walk-in tax preparation

To get your taxes prepared by a pro, upload or send off the necessary forms.


$150 is the minimum tax preparation cost for federal returns.

The website’s pricing is neither straightforward or clear.

Not every preparer is a CPA.

With numerous alternatives to file either online or via a network of 6,000 sites, Jackson Hewitt makes tax preparation simple, earning it the prize for user friendliness.

Use one of the 3,000 locations inside Walmart stores if you want to file your taxes concurrently with your grocery shopping.

You can have your surcharges done on a timetable that suits you because many sites provide evening and weekend hours.

To get started with in-person tax preparation, upload your tax documents via the Jackson Hewitt website.

Even uploading forms and taking pictures with your phone’s camera are both possible.

If uploading presents a challenge for you, take your tax records to a Jackson Hewitt office and leave them there. You can come back later for your entire tax review session. This is another tax preparation services provider.

Meetings in person might be scheduled in advance or just dropped in.

The cost is determined on the number of forms needed to finish your return.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Resolution Services, another year-round offering of the business, assists clients with unpaid taxes, tax notices, and property liens in 42 states (with the exception of Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri and the Montana, New Hampshire, & North Dakota).

It includes a free consultation, and the price for extra services varies depending on your demands.

Jackson Hewitt is a wonderful option for people who want a straightforward tax experience that works with their schedule thanks to its flexible hours and the ability to decrease off or sit with a preparer while your surcharges are done.

3. TurboTax Live

TurboTax Live

With the help of a tax expert, TurboTax Live, an add-on to the TurboTax software, you may have your tax return completed for you.


Without leaving home, have a professional prepare your taxes.

Your tax return’s complexity is reflected in four pricing tiers.

The choice to begin filing your taxes on your own and then hire a professional preparer later


It can be expensive to pay self-employment taxes to one or more states.

No provision for in-person assistance

All professional organisers are not CPAs.

Although TurboTax is well known as the largest online tax preparation software provider and frequently ranks at the top of lists of do-it-yourself tax programmes, it also offers a service where a tax expert handles everything for you online. Also check Photography service

No of where you are in the online process, if you start your return and realise you need help, you may choose TurboTax Live and submit the return at any point.

Pricing for the full-service TurboTax Live option runs from $199 for simple returns to $389 for complex returns; state taxes and several forms are extra. This is another tax preparation services provider.

These charges are on top of the $79 to $199 range for the programme.

TurboTax is better for tax filers who are more familiar with computers and technology because it is entirely online.

There is also no drop-off option, thus.

But if you were born into the digital age, TurboTax provides the most flawless, user-friendly digital experience at a price that is comparable to other tax preparation services.

4. EY TaxChat

EY TaxChat

Ernst & Young’s EY TaxChat provides a professional tax filing experience via your phone or computer.

EY TaxChat is the greatest option for self-employed filers and small business owners because of its considerable business expertise.


Find a preparer who can handle your specific tax needs after being matched with them.

Work with a tax expert and get unrestricted advice.

Simple tax document submission via computer or phone


For individuals who need simple or basic tax preparation services, the cost could be substantial.

No possibility of in-person meetings or assistance

Not every preparer is a CPA.

One of the “Big Four” calculation, tax, & legal consulting organisations, Ernst & Young is well known and relied upon by some of the largest corporations in the world.

This category is won by Ernst & Young, which provides individual tax filers with a digital filing experience through its app, EY TaxChat, which simplifies more complex self-employed taxes.

Your taxes are prepared and submitted for you when you use EY TaxChat.

You will consult a tax expert online prior to filing.

This is another tax preparation services provider. Additionally, you will submit all tax-related paperwork online or over the phone.

Because you are matched with a tax expert based on your unique tax circumstances, EY TaxChat offers you more specialised guidance than you might get elsewhere.

Depending on your needs and the forms that must be filed, pricing might start at $199 and increase from there.

Although EY TaxChat may handle straightforward taxes, independent contractors, sole proprietors, landlords, & other business owners with more complicated tax situations find this Big Four tax service to be particularly appealing.

5. KPMG Spark

KPMG Spark

Individuals and growing businesses have distinct needs. The ideal option for contemporary small and mid-size businesses seeking online tax advice from a team of business specialists is KPMG Spark. This is another tax preparation services provider. Also check benefit of reputation marketing services


Work at a Big Four accounting company with a team of tax experts.

Knowledge of complex corporate tax requirements

Support for advanced tax preparation from a committed accountant team


Pricey compared to a simple business tax preparation service

Some businesses may find the offering to be overly substantial.

Not every preparer is a CPA.

KPMG Spark is a solid option for companies looking for an online tax experience from a well-known brand in company tax and accounting.

KPMG is one of the Big Four calculation and tax firms, and since it handles taxes and auditing for Fortune 500 organisations, it is the perfect choice to assist smaller businesses with the knowledge and resources of large corporations.

In other words, through an internet connection using the KPMG Spark service, smaller organisations may obtain the same expertise as Fortune 500 corporations.

Full-service online bookkeeping and tax account services are available from KPMG Spark.

To simplify tax preparation, business owners can either hire bookkeeping services or select services individually.

For an estimate on the cost of your tax return based on its complexity and the quantity of required forms, you must get in touch with KPMG.

Businesses can reach their designated tax team via the internet; they can also be reached via phone, text, or email.

Business owners can get 24/7 tax information by logging into the web portal.

With a flat rate starting at $395 per month, pricing is monthly (no added hourly fees or consultation charges).

Data on business transactions is directly retrieved by your accounting team’s unique software from your bank.

Although this service might go beyond what some organisations require, KPMG is the best option for expanding small and mid-size firms due to its expertise.

A tax preparation service is what?

In order to meet your annual tax filing documents for the IRS and, if necessary, state tax agencies, tax preparation services are full-service options.

A tax preparation service will consider your tax forms & finish your taxes for you, unlike online & desktop tax practice software where you do your own taxes.

Some tax preparation services can be obtained in person at nearby offices.

Some companies supply you with online access to a preparer or unit of preparers via a mobile app or website.

Who Should Use a Service for Tax Preparation?

For everyone who, for any reason, doesn’t want to prepare their own taxes, tax preparation services are the ideal option.

A tax preparation service becomes an excellent option for you if you like to save time, don’t understand how to handle a complicated tax situation, or simply dislike math and using computers for your finances.

It’s vital to remember that doing your taxes manually or using tax preparation software may allow you to save money.

You could even be able to file your taxes online for no cost, depending on your income and tax complexity.

The choice of which method to utilise for submitting IRS-related forms is totally up to the taxpayer.

What Is the Price of a Tax Preparation Service?

The price of tax preparation services varies depending on the firm you select and how complicated your taxes are.

There were just a few options for the services we investigated that cost less than $100, and those were confined to simple taxes without state filing.

The majority of tax filers should budget at least $150 for the preparation of their federal and state taxes.

Tax preparers can charge a set cost or a fee for each additional form you submit.

Pricing might increase significantly for more complicated taxes or for extra services like bookkeeping, tax consulting, and payroll.

Some business owners with complicated taxes may spend over $1,000 on full-service tax preparation and advice.

What Sets Tax Preparation Software Apart from Tax Preparation Services?

Although they lead to the same destination, tax preparation services and software take completely distinct routes.

With tax preparation services, you delegate the completion of your tax forms to a third party.

Even while it’s always a good idea to check your professionally produced taxes for any issues before signing, all you have to do is sign everything at the end and make the payment.

By entering the information from your own tax forms into an internet system, tax preparation software creates finalised tax forms from your tax data.

These programmes are accessible online via web and mobile apps.

Depending on your demands, pricing can vary, but is frequently less than what you would spend to have someone else prepare your taxes.

The finest tax preparation software for DIY users is commercial software.

Using the correct tax preparation software, you can typically prepare your own taxes even if you own a small business and have complicated investments.

However, some tax filers would rather leave the tax preparation to a professional.

You must choose what works best for your particular tax filing requirements.

Our method for selecting the top tax preparation services

In order to select the top tax preparation services, we looked at 11 different tax services and whittled the list down based on pricing, services provided, reputation, and the number of locations accessible for in-person tax preparation, if relevant.

Although higher cost was justified in some categories for certain types of service or higher levels of service, lower-priced tax services received higher grades.

The winning tax preparation firms provided services with competitive, affordable pricing that would appeal to a variety of needs.

The awarded services exhibit noteworthy proficiency in the particular categories examined.

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