Ten Best Free Courses on Udemy


With the digital age of education, opting for a full-time course has become an old school. Everyone is now looking for online courses to improve their skills and master their knowledge. If you too are someone who is looking for online courses to keep yourself updated with the latest trends, then this article will help and guide you for the same.

An online platform with over 100000 courses to choose from, Udemy has a wide range of tutors and over 24 million students. Udemy offers various courses on marketing, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and more. Apart from paid courses, there are also free courses that are available for online registration. Other platforms like Unacademy, UpGrad, and Byju’s also offer amazing discounted courses. You can avail up to 90% off on courses at Udemy. Click here to check special coupon codes and offers on online courses.

Best Free Courses on Udemy

Udemy offers great discounts for all its users. Check out these free courses on Udemy India that will be of great help to you. These courses are available for self-improvement, learning, and management.

1. Python for Beginners Course:

In today’s age, python has become one of the sought-after coding languages for anyone who wants to make a career in coding. A 2-hour course with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 with over 13,000 students registered. This course is perfect for:

  • Beginners in Data Science
  • Beginners in Data Mining and Data Analysis
  • Beginners to Search Engine Optimization
  • Beginners in Freelancing

2. WordPress Basics Course:

A 2-hour course with a rating of 4.4 out of 5; this course will help you understand the basics of running a website on WordPress. This step-by-step course will help you in setting up, run, and use WordPress. After you have finished the course, you will know all about using WordPress and will be able to set up a website of your own, the way you want it. The course is perfect:

  • If you are eager to learn about creating pages or blogs or own a website. This course on WordPress will help create your name on the web.
  • If you have no prior programming knowledge. Starting right from the basics, this course explains how to set up a basic WordPress site. You can further continue to make your beautiful websites, online stores, or a blog.

3. JavaScript 2020 Course:

A 1-hour video course with over 9000 registrations will help you get started with JavaScript as quickly as possible. Starting with some basic variables and syntax, this course is the right course for beginners. This course is perfect for developers with an urgent need for JavaScript.

4. Build Your First Games Course:

A 5-hour course with 4.5 ratings has over 10000 registration. With this course, learn to make games in GameMaker Studio’s power game making engine. Build, code, and design your games from scratch. This course is perfect for:

  • This course is for complete beginners
  • This course is not for advanced coders.

5. iOS Development Course:

A 3-and-a-half-hour course with over 35000 registration, Learn the basics of iOS 11 Development in this free course. The course covers all the basics of Swift and teaches you to make two complete iOS Applications from the ground up. The course is perfect for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Swift
  • Anyone who wants to learn iOS Development

6. Database Design and Management Course:

The 2-and-a-half-hour Database design and management course have over 64000 registrations. This course will help you learn how to design and manage databases with ERD, database reversal, and generation with Visual Paradigm. Once the course is completed, you will be adept at designing the database productively and effectively. This is perfect for:

  • Database Engineer
  • Developer

7. Big Data and Hadoop Essentials Course:

A 43 mins course with over 1 lakh registration will provide you with the essential knowledge for everyone associated with Big Data & Hadoop. It builds an essential fundamental understanding of Big Data problems and Hadoop as a solution. This course is perfect for:

  • Big Data and Hadoop Enthusiast
  • Non-geeks and anyone who wants to know about Big Data.

8. Generating High Quality Leads for Your Digital Agency Course:

A 4-hour course with over 9000 courses will help build The Systems, Create The Workflow, and Execute the Necessary Actions That Will Ensure you generate quality leads for your company and your clients. It is perfect for:

  • Agency Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Operators

9. Bitcoin For Beginners Course:

A Quick-Start Guide To Bitcoin, it is a 1-hour course with over 30000 registrations. If you are interested in learning all about bitcoins, right from the grassroots level, and with the least resistance, start your journey towards Bitcoin, then this course is perfect for you. The course is ideal for A newbie of Bitcoin who has little knowledge and wants to learn more about cryptocurrency.

10. Photography fundamentals Course:

If you are passionate about photography, then this is the course for you. A 44 mins course with over 98000 registration. Know all about camera and photography through this course. This course is perfect if:

  • You are a beginner at photography, then learn all the basics of photography like aperture, shutter speed, or ISO.
  • You have always used the automatic settings on your camera and now which to become a professional by learning the camera’s manual settings.
  • You want to learn advanced photographer by learning how to expose your images manually.

With so many courses in all the fields available on Udemy, you can choose the perfect one for you and where you have the most interest in. This up to date list of free courses will help you select the course you want to pursue.

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