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If you are among those people who like to write text, source code or configuration files and want to share or save temporary and permanent, it is mandatory to use these 15 best free online notepads, Online notepad have that advantages save text without login and u can save for certain time, Note pad  online no need to install any applications, just need internet access and a web browser, It Is possible to write notes fast using notepad and can be saved / downloaded most of the online notepad have many features to save text in different programming languages like css, php ,html.

Here’s a list of the 15 best free online notepads that do not require any login. All you need to do is access the website and start typing.

1. Online Notepad – Store and share your free text online

Online Notepad is a website like pastebin where you can store & share source code, configuration information and text online. Notepad most common use is for sharing source code for people to share large amounts of text online.


2. Pastebin Store Text Online

In 2002, an idea was performed to present a far better means of keeping and moving information i.e. text and also codes online. This was done by Pastebin which has been successfully been used by many specialist people as a storage space for their message. Developers very require such methods of storage and transmission due to the fact that they need to store large codes somewhere as well as commonly require to transfer it. The most eye-catching component has been the accessibility of sharing codes and message with peers rather than just being able to save it.


3. Zerobin Share text

With dimension limitation of 2MB per paste, Zerobin notepad online continues to be among the most secure that exist today. The server itself is not aware of what message or code is the individual pasting making it as more secure as possible. Whatever the individuals paste is encrypted as well as decrypted making use of 256 little bits AES in the web browser. This client-side encryption is inaccessible in Pastebin thus making Zerobin a nearly excellent option to it with some included features. So you can make use of the plus size restriction to your advantage and securely shop and share messages and also codes. You can likewise pick when the data expires and also whether you intend to shed the data after reviewing or otherwise.


4. Cryptbin – Encrypted Pastes

Fourth in the listing is Cryptbin which is additionally an exceptional choice to online notepad. With saving as well as sharing alternatives for error logs, code snippets and other message independently, Cryptbin notepad online uses an additional attribute of establishing the expiry period of data. What makes this alternative one of the very best amongst all is the fact that the paste can not just contain text as well as codes yet pictures also. Multiple files can be included in one paste. Phrase structure highlighting is sustained for 70 programs languages and support for emoji as well as markdown also. The pastes are likewise secured for safety and security as well as much better user experience.

5. Paste Notepad

Probably the simplest to utilize option of free online notepad, has the most easy to use user interface with no complex products on display. The customers just need to paste material or write it in package and also established a title. There is an option of syntax highlighting where you can select one from numerous options from ordinary message to C++, Java, Ruby as well as a lot more. The following action would be to set an expiry date for the message or code that you pasted and after that making it exclusive or public based on your requirement. Lastly customers can add tags and also submit to get the sharing link. The process includes no complexities like numerous various other notepad choices.


6. – The pastebin that pays you for your Tinypaste

One more easy to use is a highly safe ways of saving and sharing message. asserts to not allow internet search engine to crawl to their internet site hence maintaining all the data stored exclusive as well as safe. This makes it a quite reputable alternative if you wish to keep data and also share it safely. The pasting technique is once more straightforward to comprehend. Users start with a title then message or code to paste and also finalizing the process by establishing a password to see the information as well as allowing code highlighting. The procedure is smaller as compared to many other options.


7. DPaste Notepad Online

Founded in 2006, DPaste is a wonderful of the popular online notepad service, Pastebin. Like several other paste code services, DPaste is separated right into numerous actions from web content to be pasted to phrase structure highlighting, title, e-mail or nick and expiry period. After finishing all these actions you can save the paste which will remain secure as well as secure. This facility of picking an expiry period will certainly make certain that the database is never full and also create hassle. In addition to that, the light grey history makes the user interface rather eye-catching which the customers like!


8. Pastelink– Anonymously publish text with hyperlinks enabled.

As quickly as you see the site, you will certainly discover all the reasons to pick Pastelink as an alternative to notepad. You just need to create the text or web addresses or a blend and after that conserve the paste. The web addresses willautomatically be exchanged hyperlinks yet you need to separate them by using space or brand-new line. After it obtains released, you can share the paste with others. Individuals can continue to be confidential due to the fact that there is no login called for: you can merely produce the paste and share rightaway.


9. PasteFS – Notepad Online

A tidy and elegant online notepad store servies, PasteFS requires minimal input from individuals who can simply paste the text or documents with size limit of 100MB and wait. The only additional thing called for is the choice of whether the individual desires it to be public or exclusive. A remarkable attribute of PasteFS notepad online is that individuals can submit documents directly from computers enabling them to immediately share the details or code bits with any person on the planet. Customers would need to make an account to be able to manage their string from being public.


10. – Save Text Notepad

You would certainly never have actually seen a less complex paste code solution than notepad online there are literally no choices to paste, highlight phrase structure or include title due to the fact that the customers can just begin keying and also use ctrl+s to save whatever they paste. While it might seem an ineffective choice of notepad, customers have claimed it to be one of the easiest to make use of as well as reliable paste code solutions readily available today. After waiting, you can later share it with anybody you want anywhere in the world. So if you are searching for an easy to use option of notepad online, this is the paste code solution to attempt.


11. Codepad – is an online compiler/interpreter notepad

Codepad that is an additional superb as well as simple to make use of paste code service. After pasting the code or message in package, there are a few steps to be finished by the customer including picking a language from the listing, marking whether they want it to be exclusive or not as well as noting whether they wish to run the code or not. As quickly as you as click submit, an URL will certainly be shared that you can send it to any individual you desire to share the text with. Codepad is no less than any type of other paste code solution that ends up being a good alternative of online notepad therefore you can choose it without any fears.


12. Friendpaste – Save Text without Login

Friendpaste notepad online whose primary resource of dependability is the size of solution. Being one of the oldest paste code services today, it ends up being a very trusted one. While everything else is quite similar to various other alternatives, one distinguishing function of Friendpaste notepad online is that you can establish an elimination or lock code on your paste. This code will allow you to modify or get rid of the paste that you published making it a very secure paste code service and for this reason a wonderful different to note pad online.


13. 0bin – encrypted pastebin

With client-side file encryption, 0Bin notepad online is the last however not the least one in the checklist of choices of Pastebin. This paste code service additionally contain an upload choice whereby you can straight post documents from your COMPUTER. The following step will be to set an expiry period after which your pasted message will be gotten rid of. 103,380 pasted have been 0Binned as of today and also hence it is a prominent choice of Pastebin. The site and also web server itself is unaware of what the individuals’ paste: such is the security level supplied by 0Bin.


14. aNotepad – Free Online Notepad

An additional awesome cost-free note pad with excellent attributes. aNotepad notepad online is specifically the way a note pad must be. It’s quick, easy and also has a built-in abundant full-screen editor for more advanced formatting needs.

It’s entirely totally free and also permits you to create an account just in situation you wish to save your notes or maintain them private on the cloud.

Additionally, you can share your created on the internet notes directly on social media sites which makes it wonderful for team partnership.


15. Shrib – Fastest online notepad on the planet

It includes a marginal style as well as is just one of the most basic totally free note pad applications you can find on the internet. Shrib notepad online immediately saves your text as you kind as well as lets you retrieve your unsaved notes anytime within 3 months of lack of exercise. If you’re seeking something you can really feel comfy writing on as well as do not have to stress over the sophisticated editing, Shrib notepad online is what you’re looking for.

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