The best ways to get Bitcoin in 2021

The world’s attention has been drawn to become more and more expensive virtual currency – bitcoin (BTC). Some experts predict a bright future for it, while others insist that its success will end soon. However, investing in bitcoins increasingly grows. This year bitcoins turns 12 years old and it can boast about its popularity all over the world. We could hardly find someone who would have heard nothing about this currency. So what are the best ways to get Bitcoins in 2021?

Buy Bitcoins online. This is the best way for those who do not want to spend a lot of time or effort getting Bitcoins. In other words, you don’t want to experiment by participating in various competitions or working to get paid in Bitcoins. You just want to buy them and you have the opportunity to do so. If so, you may simply buy BTC with a debit card. But before that you have to get a bitcoin wallet software that can be mobile, web or hardware. It will ensure that you will send, receive as well as store bitcoins securely.

Buy BTC in person. If you do not want to buy Bitcoins online, you can choose another alternative: buy bitcoins in person. You will find more than one site on the Internet that helps bring people together: those who sell bitcoins and those who want to buy them. Using such a website, you can easily contact the seller directly and make a deal that satisfies both sides. What could be better? However, before making a deal with a seller, consult with those who already have experience in it. As it is said, caution is the parent of safety.

Bank exchange. While this may come as a surprise, there are banks that provide BTC in exchange for cash. It should be noted that banks do not usually sell bitcoins, but give them for a cash deposit. So, if for some reason you don’t want to buy bitcoins online, and buying from a person doesn’t always seem reliable, you can always try this alternative. Also, you will always be able to get back most of the money invested if you would change your mind. Give it a chance!

Get Bitcoins in return for your services. This is another great way to get BTC. If you’re a freelancer, it won’t change anything on your agenda. You just do your job, but you can get bitcoins for a salary (or part of it). All you need to do is find a customer who would be able to pay you in BTC. Sounds complicated? Not really. You can find the first customers having an option to pay you with BTC by using social networks. Advertise your service and don’t forget to add this payment alternative!

Play online games to get Bitcoins. Unbelievable! You can get paid in BTC not only for the services you have provided but also for playing mobile as well as online games! In other words, you spend your free time on your phone or computer and you get rewarded with bitcoins for this. There is usually a lot of advertising in these games. It is important for their owners that other investors want to place their advertising in their game. And the latter want to place ads only on these websites or games that people actively visit.

Use BTC faucets. At first glance, this may seem like a scam. After all, we’re not used to a free lunch. And BTC faucet looks like something very similar to it… So, what is a Bitcoin faucet? It is a program or website that offers you a small amount of cryptocurrencies in exchange for a variety of easy tasks, such as viewing ads or videos, completing quizzes, clicking links, or registering on one or another website. While you won’t get rich this way soon, it can really be a good start.

Ask for a gift. Indeed, Bitcoin can also be donated as a gift. You will say it is unrealistic to receive such an expensive gift. However, keep in mind that not so long ago they were able to pay for taxi services or at the hairdresser. So keep an eye on the situation and tell your loved ones about it at the most appropriate time. Dreams that are shared out loud are believed to come true faster than you could ever thought. In addition, you can always make a contribution by yourself in order to help the cherished dream come true.

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