The Coolest and the Cheapest Gaming Gadgets of 2020

With all the lockdowns and stay at home orders, gaming has become one of the biggest sources of entertainment in 2020. However, like most past-times, hobbies, and activities, gaming on the same rig can sometimes become boring. Especially if you are stuck with the same set-up every day. After all, gaming is not always about the software or hardware. One of the factors that make gaming fun also comes from the knick-knacks or gadgets designed not only to make your performance better but to enhance your overall experience as well.

As much as we want to integrate high-end gadgets into our gaming experience, one hindrance always stop us from our goal, which is the price. We may be too proud to accept it but spending a hefty amount of cash for some cool gadgets is not feasible, especially in 2020.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that all gadgets come with a hefty price. In fact, there are many cool gadgets out there that even poor gamers like us can afford. After all, the experience is what we are after, not the aesthetics or brand. To that end, if you are a gamer who does not want only to play smart but spend smart as well, then, check out a list of some of the coolest and cheapest gaming gadgets you can get today.


Corsair HS50 Gaming Headset

The Corsair HS50 Gaming Headset comes from the acclaimed computer peripherals development company Corsair Components. This brilliant piece of equipment is best for those audiophiles who love to play online multiplayer games with their friends. Built using the legendary rugged metal structural components ensure long-term durability Corsair is known for, this piece of equipment will provide you the perfect ambiance you need for those competitive online battles. On top of that is the Optimized unidirectional microphone reduces ambient noise for enhanced voice quality that is also detachable. Get this awesome piece of equipment for $50 or less.

Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset

The Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset is another piece of gadget any online gaming should definitely check out. Developed by the #1 gaming peripheral manufacturer in the US, the Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset is truly a sight to behold and experience. Immerse yourself to a 7.1 surround headset outfitted with custom-tuned 40 mm drivers. This awesome piece of equipment also comes with a bendable noise-canceling microphone designed to keep those background noises at bay. Get the Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset at Amazon for $49.99.

Gaming Chairs

Blue Whale Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Pillow

The Blue Whale Gaming Chair is best for those who want to play in comfort. This stunning piece of gaming furniture comes with a flat wide seat that provides additional space for relaxed seating. It also features soft padding and fade-resistant premium leather that’s easy to clean (in case of messy accidents). The best part of this seat, however, is the Innovative implant USB electric massager to ease those back pains. Gets this awesome chair at Amazon starting at $129.99.

GTRACING Gaming Chair

For the price of one of the headsets and the Blue Whale gaming chair, you can get the GTRacing Gaming Chair starting at $175.99 in Amazon. This ergonomically designed gaming chair comes with a strong metal frame and high-quality material for that ultimate gaming comfort. Add the 90-165 degree reclining functionality and adjustable armrest along with the high-density cold-cure foam and you will definitely be getting all your money’s worth. The best part is that this beautiful piece of equipment also comes with two Bluetooth Speakers. Each speaker comes with a 6-hour music play compatible with your smartphone, pc, or other Bluetooth devices. Making this cool gadget perfect for both work and play activities.


Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Having the right keyboard and mouse while playing competitive strategy games plays a huge part in dominating the battlefield. Thus, if you are still using the generic keyboard and mouse, then maybe it’s time to upgrade your rig. Say hello to the Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo. This beautiful piece of gaming gadget combo brings you the edge you need for playing games at a friendly price. With a starting price of 42.98 at Amazon, you will be getting an RGB backlit gaming keyboard; 7 different RGB Lighting modes & effects, 4 backlight brightness levels, adjustable breathing speed.

The Gaming Keyboard has 25 conflict-free (n-Key Rollover) 10 Dedicated Multimedia keys plus 12 additional FN+ Multimedia keys (Total 114 keys). Keys are quiet, designed for longevity, durability delivering precise tactile feedback. But, that’s just half of the package. You see, the package also includes a Wired Gaming Mouse whose features include; an ergonomic design, 3200 DPI (user adjustable 800/1600/2400/3200 DPI), 30G acceleration and Weight Tuning set, and a Total 6 Buttons of which 5 are programmable. That said, if you are looking for a wise way to upgrade your rig, then, this is one of the cheapest combo out there.

BlueFinger Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

If you are into over-the-top aesthetics like Zeus or Thor himself struck you keyboard and mouse with their powerful lighting, then, the BlueFinger Gaming Keyboard and Mouse is definitely something to check out. This keyboard and mouse combo comes with a crack backlit effect provides a unique visual experience and cool game atmosphere. The keyboard features an all keycaps backlighting function, the letters are anti-fade, 19 non-conflict keys allows you to press or hold multiple keys simultaneously, 10 multimedia keys, 2 adjustable rear feet, and 2 non-slip rubber pads.

As for the mouse, you will be getting a 6-button gadget made of quality ABS plastic, 4 different LED breathing light changes automatically, 4 Levels of adjustable DPI ( 800/1200/1600/2000),  wherein the forward button + DPI button can turn on/off the mouse backlight. If you are in for an electrically charged gaming, you can get this combo along with an11.8 x 9.8-inch mousepad at Amazon starting at $39.99.


Acer SB220Q bi

If you are still using your 10-year old monitor and somehow want to get a new one without spending a hefty amount of cash, then, you can check out the Acer SB220Q bi. This brilliant piece of equipment boasts a 21.5″ Widescreen IPS display combines stylish ultra-thin functionality with amazing 1920 x 1080 resolution. This LCD also features multiple inputs for HDMI/VGA, a Kensington Lock, Energy Star compliance, and weighs around 5. 47 pounds with the stand. On top of that, this awesome monitor also comes with an AMD Radeon FreeSync which removes stuttering and tearing along with a 4ms response time for that seamless gaming experience. Get this gadget in Amazon starting at $89.99.

Playing video games as mentioned before, is all about the experience not to mention skills. Having a rig that costs thousands of dollars is a bit absurd for a past time activity. In the end, it all comes down to you playing the game instead of the game playing you (if you know what I mean).

Unless you are a pro eSports player with tons of sponsors, then maybe you should consider spending wisely in your set up. After all, a wise buyer would know that most of the time you are paying for the brand name, which for the most part is impractical, to say the least. Why spend more on a setup in your room where no one can see it when you can get the same experience at a lower cost. To that end, purchasing or saving for gadgets is like farming for resources in a game. You need to be strategic and wise in spending the resources you have on hand.

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